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Darwinianevolution said:
CGI-Quality said:

It isn't. Graphics aren't anywhere close to the ceiling.

Yeah, but at what point it doesn't make sense to pursue more graphics? Making great graphics is great and time consuming, and at certain point most people are not going to care above a certain level of detail. How viable is the continued increase of graphical capabilities after a while?

That's the thing, power also decreases time of development.  A lot of time gets wasted with optimising the game for a console. See how much time it takes to port a game over to the Switch.

But Ray tracing is huge;

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DonFerrari said:
HollyGamer said:

Yes PS3 to PS4 is the peak evolution, we still can see the difference. But from PS5 to PS6 onward , we will just be seeing increasing of resolution and performance  , the rest of the hardware probably will be  focusing rendering the amount of object or character in one area.

If you want to see the end goal of photo realism is,  just look at  FF7 remake character model that has the same quality with the CG model in FMV CG scene or Resident Evil 8 in game model character which already using photo geometry using real human model

I don't know what else we can achieve beyond realism, current gen can already render realistic model with the exact same features . What only lacking this gen is proper lighting (Ray Tracing ) and animation and also proper physics and simulation . 

I will just say that you need to look CGI thread to see how much of a jump we are going to have.

Sure every gen the jump seem smaller because there is the ceiling (that we will still take decades to achieve) but sure everytime we get nearer there is less road to cover. But it is still very noticeable. And I'm not even thinking about the bad stuff like pop ups, collision and things like that.

I have seem the CGs from FF7 and I can still easily see the gap. Even if my relatives when I'm gaming ever since PS3 ask if I'm watching a movie.

Once we really achieve photorealism we will still have other stuff to achieve. We are at something similar to people going from B&W tv to color tv thinking they didn't need anything more and it wouldn't be possible to improve that 21" CRT because they were already seeing images that were life like.

Yes we will have big jump, but from PS5 to PS6 i doubt we will see another jump. I am talking about general evolution onward. Also what lacking in this gen is just Ray Tracing , the rest requirement for photorealism already been achieved (like physically based rendering) . So if next gen (PS5) can achieve RT then we already in the realm of photorealism.   

HollyGamer said:

That's CGI , games does not required to render every atom and particle of each object. Current gen hardware can already achieve cheap way to render the graphic  for gaming purpose. 

Exactly, so are all computer graphics look at how far we've come from CGI in movies from 10-20 years ago. Techniques get passed down and technology moves on. We are nowhere near photo realistic graphics. Just look at the art and animations created in blender its astonishing like real life in some cases.

Anyway watch the below video, its a good explanation to what photorealism means today.

hinch said:
HollyGamer said:

That's CGI , games does not required to render every atom and particle of each object. Current gen hardware can already achieve cheap way to render the graphic  for gaming purpose. 

Exactly, so are all computer graphics look at how far we've come from CGI in movies from 10-20 years ago. Techniques get passed down and technology moves on. We are nowhere near photo realistic graphics. Just look at the art and animations created in blender its astonishing like real life in some cases.

Anyway watch the below video, its a good explanation to what photorealism means today.

Simple answer yes we already here , those graphic can now be produce on PS5 and Xbox series X . Also the answer is the lightning , to be proper photorealism it required real time lightning based on natural light A.K.A Ray Tracing. And yes we now have RT on next gen. So PS5  to PS6 will not be about photorealism i assume.  There are other thing to make game realistic beyond photo realism, which are animation , AI, Physics , weather, living world etc. 

Considering that gaming is a visual medium, and that graphics (along with art style) are the first things you'll notice when being introduced to any new game ever.....yes, I care about graphics, and I want them to continue to improve. Not only do better visuals improve immersion, but also it's just cool to see devs continue to push the boundaries of what tech can do. I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing them bring environments, and characters to life in ways that years prior, you could only dream about. That's cool.

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hinch said:

I think these kind of threads pop up prior to every new generation.

Just take a look at TLOU on PS3

and compare to the TLOU 2 on PS4. And this is for a 7 year old console.

TLOU 3????

I can't imagine what first party developers can do with orders of magnitude better specs can do with this. At the end of this upcoming gen 8th gen is going to look a little dated again.

Honestly I feel like this disproves your point! Sure the PS4 game looks quite a bit better than the PS3 game, and sure a PS5 game is gonna look a quite a bit better than the PS4 game. But look how fantastic the PS3 game looks! While there is clearly a difference, both of them look great - both of them look realistic! So, does the bit higher level of realism in the PS4 game do anything to actually make the game better? Maybe at best it is a bit more atmospheric and that's it. From those two videos I wouldn't say it makes much of a difference at all to the game. It's just a bit prettier. Sure I'd take the prettier version of the slightly less pretty but still great looking version, but it isn't a huge difference and doesn't really affect the game at all.

Which is kinda the whole point of this thread. Not saying the next gen won't have a noticeable graphical upgrade to this gen (especially for those who don't play 4k with the current upgraded Ps/Xbox systems), but just saying how much does it really matter at this point. Sure I like seeing prettier versions of the same game, but we're past the point where it makes a difference to the quality of the game for the vast majority of games.

Like at this point, I look at Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn and I think to myself I can't wait for a Zelda game on next gen Nintendo to have the graphical fidelity of Horizon ZD because having that level of detail in the environment would greatly increase the feeling of the world being alive and full, but then a jump from that graphical level to say PS5 level doesn't excite me in the same way at all. Sure it'd be cripser moving up to 4k and textures would be more detailed, but look at what Horizon ZD already looks like...improving graphics beyond that is gonna fall into the "oh cool its a little be prettier" category and that's it.

I look at the Star Citizen video on the second page of this thread and I think okay yeah that looks better but a current gen version of that would be the exact same game just a bit less crisp and slightly less detailed to the point where it wouldn't make a difference. Or I look at the low res FF7 remake texture pics from the first page of this thread and think to myself: "really?! this is what people care about now, nitpicking around looking for any resolutions in a game that aren't super high rez? Who cares?! How does this in anyway affect your enjoyment of the game if you have to go searching for a non-high-rez texture here and there just to prove a point that the graphics aren't perfect?!"

I grabbed an Xbox One X and a PS4 Pro because I'm easily manipulated but, to be honest, I'm happy with Xbox 360/PS3 level performance.

I play a game like Resident Evil 3 on my Xbox One X in my game room in 4K and then go to my bedroom and play it on my 2014 XBO in 1080p (or whatever) and it's pretty seamless. I don't see much, if any downgrade or improvement. We're there...but then again, like the OP, I never imagined things would get better than Resident Evil 4 on GameCube. 🙄

I'll probably buy both next gen systems early on despite the fact that I barely play what I already have. But when I need Digital Foundry to zoom in 4x to point out a detail i have to pause the screen to even notice side by side, I don't know if it's worth it anymore.

mZuzek loves to pre-order

I actually don't want to see any devs going much further beyond what we've already seen. I'd just like the current level of graphical fidelity to be executed flawlessly.

No noticeable Texture/asset pop-in
Seamless Loading
Stable performance at 4k with 60fps as the new minimum


4 ≈ One

I'm mean this feels more next gen then any next gen gameplay we've officially been shown. 

TheMisterManGuy said:
Obviously, Graphics can always be better as many here have stated. That said, Generation leaps are much smaller now than they were in the past. Seeing footage of Xbox Series X gameplay for example. It looks amazing, but it really isn't that much more impressive than the Xbox One X. If you compare the PS1 to the PS2, THAT was a full generation leap. But from what we've seen from next generation, it's looking like we'll just be going from low settings to high settings. Better, but not earth shatteringly superior.

Oh man that is a good way to put it. That pretty much hits it on the head. Take a current gen game and raise the settings and you get a next gen game.

Even the leap from last gen to this gen, while more noticeable and perhaps a bit more than just "low settings to high settings" isn't so great that now you look back at PS3 games and think they look bad compared to PS4 games. They still look great just a bit less so. It's not like going from the pixelated glitchy jagged mess that was PS1 to the vastly improved PS2, or PS2 to HD PS3. Those were large leaps, though obviously less so for the latter transition but the jump to HD made it feel bigger. PS3 to PS4 was a bit less than PS2 to PS3 but also you didn't even get the huge resolution upgrade so it wasn't that big a difference. Without the jump from HD to 4k I think the next gen leap would be entirely unimpressive as far as generational leaps go, and even with it, as you say, it just seems like going from low settings to high settings, or even medium settings to high settings!

The generational leaps since 3D have basically been "very basic 3D" to "good 3D" to "really good HD" to "great HD" to next gen "slightly more great 4k". The 3D generation leaps have gone from huge to big to decent to now next gen "turn the settings up."

Now I get why loading times are like such a big deal in next gen systems, because other than the jump to 4k (which Pro and X owners already experienced) the graphical upgrade isn't that big so something like load times becomes a major differentiating factor in the generations. Ray tracing seems to be like THE BIG DEAL for the next gen. Watching videos of ray tracing it IS really cool looking, but again, in terms of upgrading how games can be made and played it doesn't really do anything, it's just a "oh that looks cool" feature and considering that seems to be the major upgrade people are excited about it is underwhelming for a whole generational leap. Reminds me more of the intra-generational leaps during the SNES like getting the FX chip or Rare digging into the system to be able to produce DKC graphics.

At this point its gonna be a full decade before there is even any graphical reason for the next-next-gen to come out. Makes me think Nintendo is ahead of the curve here with the Switch because after the next gen it would seem to me that the only real way to show tech progress would be to miniaturize it with slightly better tech after a decade into a hybrid form so people can play whenever and wherever. As graphical power has already stopped making much of a difference between generations, Nintendo's current strategy of play anywhere I think is the next logical step for the advancement of gaming.

And since for years to come next gen games will likely also be released on current gen systems, but with high settings turned down to medium settings it feels like there is less reason to buy a next gen system at this point, not saying people won't because most people like the to get "the new thing", but just saying there won't be much difference between playing current gen games and next gen games.