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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 17, 2020 (Apr 20 - Apr 26)

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Holy fuck! Only -1% for Animal Crossing! Will this the the best selling home console game?

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TruckOSaurus said:
The Switch is back baby! Let's hope the supply issues are a thing of the past now. Even with all the low weeks, the year on year increase for Switch is + 74.8% so far.

Well the USA has supply issues now.  One can get Switch lite but even those are out in some colors.  Hard to find regular Switches here now due to everyone gobbling them up for quarantine.  Basically when the regular Switches hit the stores they are gone.  Friend said people are even lining up for them in Florida at Target or wherever in morning when they hear shipment is coming in.

1% decline. What a beast!

I’m predicting AC sales in Q2 will be higher than Q1 so end of June it’ll end up north of 7mil

Jranation said:
Holy fuck! Only -1% for Animal Crossing! Will this the the best selling home console game?

Lmao such a pessimistic question.

a better question would be can it outsell the highest selling game ever in japan (Pokémon RG 8.22mil) by over 40%

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Blood_Tears said: 
Marth said: 
New Horizons is going to be the first game with 4M sold at retail since Pokemon X/Y in 2013

Also the first home console game to reach that number since New Super Mario Bros Wii in 2010.

The sky is the limit for that game.

When over 40% of the weekly hw sales for Switch are for a dedicated handheld lite sku you can't really compare the two since AC is not a "home console" game. It's not a 1:1 apple comparison. 

The lite has always sold less than the full model since it launched.  The only reason that it is selling more at this time is due to the full model being more scarce due to supply limitations, and people would clearly rather settle for a lite than not play Switch games at all.

Gotta look at all the facts, and not just what is convenient.

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My updated prediction

W1 423k
W2 293k
W3 286k
W4 284k
W5 375k (GW)
W6 475k (GW part 2)
W7 95k
W8 85k
W9 75k
W10 75k
W11 65k
W12 65k
W13 65k

Total 2660k+

Retail 5400k shipment /1600k digital (7mil+)

Damn good hold for PS4. And check out the model change from last week. How peculiar.

And AC:NH. Just wow. I wonder how it ranks in terms of weekly sales. Like week 1, week 2, week 3, etc...

Week 1 - 1,880,626
Week 2 - 720,791
Week 3 - 423,369
Week 4 - 292,876
Week 5 - 286,586
Week 6 - 283,913

And with Golden Week coming up.

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Bristow9091 said:
Jesus, those ACNH numbers with the -1% hold.. that's insane lol. Final Fantasy VII Remake with only a 7% drop, I was expecting something a little more harsh after the... 90% drop? from the first week. Switch numbers have gone super saiyan in Japan again, looks like the shortages have definitely been sorted out.

Also is anyone else sort of impressed that Predator: Hunting Grounds made it into the top ten?

FF7R had a 90% drop because of stock issues considering it sold 96% of its initial shipment. It sold nearly 1m in its first week(counting digital sales) because of that. It's safe to say it has already outsold FF15's lifetime sales(physical +digital) in Japan.  

So is AC the best selling Switch game in Japan yet?

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