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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 17, 2020 (Apr 20 - Apr 26)

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Jesus, those ACNH numbers with the -1% hold.. that's insane lol. Final Fantasy VII Remake with only a 7% drop, I was expecting something a little more harsh after the... 90% drop? from the first week. Switch numbers have gone super saiyan in Japan again, looks like the shortages have definitely been sorted out.

Also is anyone else sort of impressed that Predator: Hunting Grounds made it into the top ten?

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Hey, a humble beginning week for Trials of Mana. Hope it can leg out for 300K LT in Japan.

What can we say more about AC this week ?
This is just crazy !

Btw, Switch is going into a monstrous rampage once again ! Shortages have been solved shortly just as I thought :D

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MasonADC said:
FF7R with an amazing hold for a JRPG, which shows that there was for real some stock issues. 1 million retail might be in reach...maybe

You talking lifetime? Because that's definitely in the bag if you ask me.

It did 700k in launch week and even for a JRPG doing 70 % of lifetime right at launch is more than the norm. Physical shortages could of course cause more people to opt for digital, but judging by this week there are also people who are willing to wait for a physical copy.

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Here are the true numbers of the Switch, at least the potential with no weird stock limitation. And probably it's still very limited. But overal very good.

So they restocked NS' then.

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The Switch is back baby! Let's hope the supply issues are a thing of the past now. Even with all the low weeks, the year on year increase for Switch is + 74.8% so far.

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kirby007 said:
JEEZ that AC drop

What drop? :P

OTBWY said:
Here are the true numbers of the Switch, at least the potential with no weird stock limitation. And probably it's still very limited. But overal very good.

The fun part is that this is not even the full potential... it's still VERY limited by stock.

The next 2 weeks we should see somethig in the 200k range.

In other words... "this is not even my final form"

pikashoe said:
I thought animal crossing having such a huge opening might affect its legs. But obviously not haha.

That's exactly what I thought. But dear god that AC hold. 3 weeks in a row right around 290k. Never seen anything like that. 4 million physical sold by next week! just nuts. Think this will be the best selling game ever in japan.

Ring Fit in stock clearly! That game is gonna have legzzz

And Switch finally back in stock immediately shoots up to over 100k. Just crazy numbers. Lot of pent up demand for AC and Switch in general.

Cool to see that Trials of Mana got a solid joint launch of 150k copies.

Even stock issues (and FFVII Remake) could not stop the Switch from remaining the most wanted console in the Japanese market. Hope the stock issues will not be too bad, at least, for the next couple of weeks.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a certified beast in Japan. Especially against stiff competition during the last month. When will we something like this again?

Also, great that the Trials of Mana remake had a solid first week. Goes to show that there are benefits of having a Switch version, even alongside a PS4 version. Developers should, at this point, at least consider planning indies/A/AA games for the Switch, even if they initially planned for PS4 releases. There's no use in ignoring the ever increasing install base of the Switch. Hell, this should have been the case back in 2019.