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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which PS1 classic should be remade for this or next generation?


Which PS1 classic should be remade next?

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 165 11.55%
Dino Crisis 204 14.29%
Final Fantasy VIII 150 10.50%
Final Fantasy IX 107 7.49%
Final Fantasy Tactics 76 5.32%
The Legend of Dragoon 117 8.19%
Metal Gear Solid 240 16.81%
Parasite Eve 95 6.65%
Silent Hill 215 15.06%
Other: Please leave a comment with choice 59 4.13%

Every 3D Gen 5 game needs a remake.

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Metal Gear Solid with the original music.

The “remake” with the different soundtrack was bloody awful.

I didn't want to say metal Gear but I said Metal Gear. The GameCube remake... Pretty underwhelming.

There's a fan remake of the opening of MGS using Unreal that made me jizz myself. Footage is on YouTube.

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I would love to see Medal of Honor remade.

Zoombael said:
Kill Thrill

I actually played the leaked game and it was a blast. It reminded me of Manhunt, stylistically,  before manhunt was a thing.

OT: SIlent Hill or Dino Crisis. But in all honesty, I think Dino Crisis would turn out better seeing how Capcom handles their remakes.

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After having finished the FF7 remake I'd wish they would redo all the Jrpg favorites from ps1/2 era. That was a freaking blast to play through!
Running through that Shinra tower made me reminisce about Xenosaga…

Poll option: Parasite Eve!
Personal favorite: Xenogears

And if this level of quality can be guaranteed, I do hope Square will work through it's catalogue. I honestly don't know what to play next, the highs will never be as good anymore… Damn, withdrawal from the remake.

Anything that's not a Final Fantasy, Looking at what they've done to FF7, different gameplay, different story, what's the point? Can you think of how they would update FF8's magic system to suit more modern gameplay? Considering they have all bu abandoned the gameplay that made the game series to begin with. Junction would be fine by taking time to draw from the enemy? Yeah no, not in a button mashing gameplay style.

Plus if they do what they have done to FF7 and split FF9 up, then that's just an insult.

On the list Dino Crisis and Parasite Eve as ones I'd like most to see but personally, OMEGA BOOST!!!

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Hmm, pie.

Not really waiting for another remake. With MediEvil they already made the one I wanted the most. Most other of my favourite PS1 games, besides Crash, are very niche, they're forgotten by now. Of the Poll I'd say Symphony of the Night, but does it really need it, a game like that ages very well.

Maybe MediEvil 2 then though, while they're at it.

I would kill for FFVIII, FFIX, and Dino Crisis remake! ...but I think Dino Crisis desperately needs/deserves it the most now. (We've already had an RE and FF remake so that can hold off for while......while they make new RE and FF games *cough)

MSG remake would be amazing but Konami doesn't make games anymore xD

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