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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which PS1 classic should be remade for this or next generation?


Which PS1 classic should be remade next?

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 165 11.55%
Dino Crisis 204 14.29%
Final Fantasy VIII 150 10.50%
Final Fantasy IX 107 7.49%
Final Fantasy Tactics 76 5.32%
The Legend of Dragoon 117 8.19%
Metal Gear Solid 240 16.81%
Parasite Eve 95 6.65%
Silent Hill 215 15.06%
Other: Please leave a comment with choice 59 4.13%

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (which would hopefully be successful enough to also allow for remakes of the Soul Reaver series as well as other sequels). The Legacy of Kain series has a wonderful story and atmosphere and I would love a modern retelling of it. I would love if it delved even deeper into the psychology of a character who is unwillingly turned into a vampire and sees himself as a monster, goes on a quest full of fun as hell power ups, combat, and puzzles to get his revenge and reverse his curse, but then watch as over time he begins to enjoy his newfound power and eventually becomes the monster he originally feared he was.

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I'd say Code V, but Dino Crisis is another game I'd love to see getting a remake.

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GoOnKid said:

I picked Legend of Dragoon because I honestly think it'd worth it. That game deserves way more attention.

I said Persona 1+2 earlier on, and voted "other"..... I shoulda given the nod to Legend of Dragoon instead.

Never changed, Syphon Filter and Soul Reaver.
After that FFIX, I only put it after both because it is still gorgeous to play.

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jonager said:
vagrant story

Fucking yes. Another brilliant game from Square overlooked.

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BraLoD said:
SammyGiireal said:

Those would be my two choices. Brad will attack me for this, but Legend of Dragoon is no classic. The game was pedestrianly received during its hey day, and it still boggles my mind that it gained a loud cult following in the following decades lol

Do you mean one of the best selling RPGs from that system that still has a following until now is not a classic because some reviewers didn't like it not being Final Fantasy?

Ok then.

It holds a 74 Metacritic rating. It wasn't just some reviewers, the game was really average. I myself rated the game in the 7s in this site. It sold well, over a million units, because RPGs in general sold well in that era, and there was a massive marketing campaign behind it. A list of RPGs that sold better or comparable units (over a million):

Chrono Cross

Final Fantasy Tactics

Dragon Quest/Warrior VII

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy IX

Tales of Destiny



Arc the Lad,

Star Ocean 2

Saga Frontier

Arc the Lad 2

It was the golden era of the genre, it wasn't uncommon for JRPGs to sell well. Most complaints weren't about LoD not being FF. Most complaints are about its pedestrian story, and the fact that the game actually tries to be like FF. It was the only 4 disc game that I can recall, that if I wanted to go back to a certain town I had to swap discs, the world map was uninspiring (most games allowed for free roaming over a 3-D world map and LoD didn't), and while did enjoy the combat I could say the same for a dozen other JRPGS that I played during that time. 

It has built a cult following though, and it is probably more popular now than it was back when it was released which I guess is impressive, but it really deserved that 7ish score especially when compared to other RPGs of the time.

LoD was very mediocre to me. FF8 is the worst FF of that decade. I have seen people talk about Xenogears nonstop for 20 years as a true cult classic. Xenogears Perfect Works for the longest time cost more than the game. Never even seen people bring up LoD much at all on forums til I got here. Vagrant Story is another that truly feels like something unique and fantastic. If someone loves LoD...fine with me. But I can't see it as a classic when it just didn't really stand out. Threads of fate stood out more in my memory and that game is just okay to me. The best RPG with the title Dragoon in it is Panzer Dragoon Saga. Now that is an RPG classic where few have played,just because it was on Saturn and had a low US print run. PDS is one of the best games ever made.

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My pick would be Other - because the game I want remade the most from the PSX era is Xenogears.

On that list, only Final Fantasy 8 would appeal to me. I love FF8, probably my favourite FF game of all time; with FF4, 6, 7, tactics, and X also being among my favourites. I would love to see FF6 and 8  remade, I think FF4 would need a significant rewrite in order to work (the DS version felt weird), and FFX’s recent remaster is sufficient. FF Tactics might be a weird one to remake since tactical games don’t benefit a lot from graphical upgrades - and they often do more harm than help. I think 3DS’s 3D display would have benefitted the game the most. This is why I don’t consider it a viable option for remake right now.

MGS and Symphony of the Night are great games. I worry an MGS might lose the spirit of the original, they tried and failed miserably on PS2 with a highly forgettable remake that didn’t capture the soul of the original. Symphony of the Night is like FF1 in that changing the art will do more to remove its appeal rather than add to it.

I could be remembering wrong, but I think Silent Hill was already remade for the Wii. Might be better to just remaster that version

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