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green_sky said:

glad I wasn't the only one.

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Empire Total War.

A strategy game obviously so you see it from further away and don’t really interact with it in the way you do with most games mentioned above, but I was really impressed by the ship-to-ship battles at the time. They’re in fact still pretty awesome actually.

Hydrophobia was well ahead of its time. I enjoyed every second with the primitive but realistic fluid dynamics. It was the very first game where water actually felt like water. Haven't seen a game like that since.

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Uncharted 4 but only because I stopped taking notice after that game. I remember spending much, much lobger than I should have had on the island level and booting it for weeks after I had finished the game.


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TES Morrowind. Perfect simulation of Flint water supply

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green_sky said:

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mgs3, then resistance 2 effects blew me away, then uncharted 3, now it's kind of a tie between uncharted 4,rdr2 and death stranding.

Lately I was very impressed with the water in Assassin's Creed Origins for how realistic it looked and behaved.

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I remember the first time I played Mario Sunshine I couldn't imagine water effects getting better than that. Obviously they did,. I was also really impressed at the time by the water in the one tropical level in Rogue Leader and the way the AT-ATs were reflected in it. There's something I still find appealing about high-end water effects from the 6th gen even if they no longer look so realistic.

7th gen Bioshock was the game that really blew me away with its water effects. But after that I stopped being so impressed with water in games.

Current gen: of the games I've played the best water effects are probably from The Witcher 3. But I'm sure there have been others with better water since then.

Waverace. Even though it's not the best any more. It was the biggest leap. At least that I can recall.

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