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Do you want gaming to be more accessible?

YES! 6 27.27%
NO! 6 27.27%
This is a dumb question 10 45.45%

If you know it's a dumb question.... why ask? Phones cost just as much as a PC does. I just got a lot of FREE games on PC, like Division 2, Watch Dogs, and World War Z, and of course Fornite is free. There's also free-to-play weekends games do sometimes. Recently, that's been overwatch, Mortal Kombat 11, and Street Fighter V.

PCs cost more because they're not inherently gaming consoles. They're personal computers.

I've seen disabled players enter fighting game tournaments, and play with his mouth, and people claim they can't do simple stuff fighting games ask of you.

And you talk about going to the theater. Like that's any different than going to a friend's place who already has a console. People without functioning hands can compete, and you don't need a big gaming budget to play. The only barriers in life are the ones you put for yourself.

That covers everything.  What part of gaming isn't accessible?

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Sounds like a future ad for xCloud/PSNow


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Immersiveunreality said:
kazuyamishima said:
PS4/Xbone/PC have plenty of discounts and even AAA games as low as $2.99.

Switch on the other hand is another story...

Even buying preowned games for switch is expensive while those same stores give you almost nothing if you bring games in.(Do not own one atm but trying to collect some games for my niece)

I rather give my games away to people that can't afford buying them instead of feeling like i just got robbed every time i only get a few bucks from stores that follow up with selling those games at a high price.

That said,Nintendos own IP's mostly always deliver quality so that is a good trade in.

Several high quality games go on several discount while even not that good Nintendo games don't. It is just how Nintendo manage their games.

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Not really. Gaming is also a lot more involved than reading a book or watching a movie. There isn't much you can do about that. As far as accessible, you have three major consoles to choose from plus Steam and GOG. There's nothing especially difficult about using any of these platforms. If you don't like involved games you can download "free" (emphasis on quotes) 5 minute time wasters on your mobile phone with just a couple finger taps. It's not like you need a federal background check and a 5 day waiting period to game.

Gaming is as accessible as anything else out there. The question is whether someone considers gaming a hobby worth investing time and money in at the expense of other hobbies. If yes, they'll invest it. If no, they'll invest the time and money in something that is more to their tastes.

Gaming is far more open-ended and involved than books, film/tv, listening to music, etc. because of interactivity. I do dream of a day where you can play Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft games all on one platform. While there could be negative aspects to that, there would be a lot of positives. People can disagree with me all they want but I think dedicated game hardware will die in the 2030s or 2040s. Computers and smart devices will be virtually the only way (if not the only way) to play video games by then.

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Gaming as it feels like it's too accessible. Going to sound elitist. It's a very mass market and when you go mass market you as a corp try to appeal to the masses more than the core. So many devs are so risk-averse now. It's a greedier industry now than ever. Way worse than Arcades ever was. 90s was best as it was still somewhat niche and devs were more prone to try new ideas to appeal to this core group. No one will care about Fortnite in 20 years. While people still remember and play their fave arcade games of yesteryear that were designed to fuck you over to spend more money...except if you were skilled enough you could beat em on 1 credit. Where the term 1cc came from. Do you think we will get a 1MTX term? So I wish for the opposite. To become more exclusive again.

The day everything is on one platform is the day creativity fully dies from big publishers. When SEGA went multiplatform, they abandoned most of their classic IPs and just focused on their big mainstays. You no longer worry about profiting from a game selling on 1 platform..but multiple. More expensive and easier to get lost in a release shuffle of other games. SEGA used to be an IP machine...then became a Sonic factory. If Nintendo left consoles in 2016 after Wii U. Series like Xenoblade would die. Astral Chain likely would have never happened. Those smaller budget games trying something new would not happen.

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How more accessible can it realisticaly be? All software need a platform to work on, so it's not like we aren't going to need whatever hardware to play any time soon, and the technological advancements mean that better and better tech will be needed over time. If you don't want that, you could use streaming (which still needs your own hardware compatible with the service plus controllers and such) or just go to the arcade, or some of those gaming bars where you can play any console.

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Ultravolt said:

Think about it. Pretty much any other form of entertainment is much more accessible than gaming. Want to read a book? Buy one for 20 bucks or less, then read it. Want to watch a movie? Go to a theater, or use a streaming service (Netflix), or pop in a Blu-Ray, etc etc... Want to listen to music? Buy a song or album for $20-$30 (maybe cheaper), stream it online, download it onto your phone, etc etc...

A brand-new movie for $15 - $20 in the movie theater or a new Blu-ray release for $15 - $20 will entertain you for 2 - 3 hours.

Most brand-new games for $40 - $70, less than one year old games for $20 - $40 and a bit older games for $5 - $20 will entertain you for dozens of hours.

Gaming is a lot cheaper per hour than watching new movies.  

Ultravolt said:

But with video games, there are *much* more barriers. Want to play a video game? First, buy either a $300-$500 game console, or $1000 gaming PC. Then, let's pay EVEN MORE money for the games themselves! $60, Brilliant! Oh, the console you bought doesn't play every game you wanted to play? Well, time to buy ANOTHER console, amiright?! Oh, is your PC not powerful enough? Too bad! I know you could use the argument, "But you need a TV or monitor to watch movies, and you have to buy individual movies as well." Except... it's not NEARLY as expensive an investment as gaming! Not to mention, you need things like a TV or monitor for games as well (handhelds excluded), on top of all the other things I listed!

First, buy a used Xbox One S for around $100, then buy GamePass for a few bucks per month. Enjoy all these games for a few bucks per month, including new games, classics, AAA games, AA games and indie games...

Or buy a last gen console with dozens of games included for around $100...

Or buy a used PC for $100 - $200 and play free games (f.e. the Epic freebies every week, many games), very cheap games (Humble bundles, Steam deals, GOG classics, Indiegala bundles, Fanatical bundles...)

Or buy a Switch lite for $200 and buy cheap eShop games...

Or play games on the device you already have (smartphone, tablet)... between the shovelware there are also very good games (most of them port from other systems)

And if your child/relative/friend can't play with normal controllers: buy him/her an Xbox adaptive controller.

Gaming has never been as affordable and accessible than today.

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Do i hate it when people point to other media to give example how videogaming can be improved. Blatant ignorance.

Try develop AAA with nothing but a typewriter...

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OP, what is your solution?
That consoles be given out for free? Or that everyone uses services like Stadia?

Game costs more than books and music. Yes, because they also cost a lot more to develop.
Games require an additional system to play. Because that's the nature of games.

You don't seem to be describing any actual problems that can be overcome. Just stating facts.

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