Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch owners, did you have a Wii U/3DS?

I owned a...

Wii U 10 8.40%
3DS 14 11.76%
Both 80 67.23%
Neither 15 12.61%

Only a Wii U.

Still prefer it over the Switch because the U had Xenoblade X and Pikmin 3. It seems this could change at any time, though.

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Not enough rpgs for me to grab a Wii U and I preferred the Vita for handheld gaming. Bought a switch because console quality rpgs.

Yes I owned both. And every Nintendo console aside from the virtual boy, so it’s a natural progression that I would purchase a switch. Having said that, I never really got that much into the Wii U...never took to that controller.

I also have both, but yeah I’d say a poll here isn’t that representative...

Anyway, WiiU was Nintendo worst console, there’s some fun things on there but most attempts were forgettable and uninspired. I don’t have a big library for it, and the amount of Switch games I own is already greater. 3DS however is great. Probably ended up being my favorite handheld of all-time, though the GameBoy Color is still up there. There’s plenty of amazing games to be found on 3DS and I thought the hardware was great. I loved the 3D effect, always used it, and thought it was a huge help in especially platforming games because of the added depth perception. So much so that I’ve actually gotten worse at jumping in games on other “regular, 2D screened” systems. I just can’t see where I’m going anymore.

Oh I'm well aware VGC won't be an accurate cross-section of the general population.

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I have both. The 3DS might be one of the worst Nintendo platforms I've ever had (not bad, just the worst of what we got). Luckily for the poor thing, CFW gives it a whole new life with a plethora of emulators and options and in the end I'm very happy with it.

Wii U on the other hand is probably the home console I played the most in my life. It's a shame most of its games are now on the Switch, because that means less reasons to turn it on again. But since it's backwards compatible with the Wii and it still has many games I like to play like the HD Zeldas, Tekken Tag 2, ZombiU, Xenoblade X, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, Star Fox Zero, Affordable Space Adventures... and a very robust selection of classic games within the Virtual Console... It's a console I come back to every now and then.

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Okay, then.

I have both, by the way. I love both like the next guy but I still prefer the Switch.

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Yeah I have both. Neither of them get alot of use. Probably haven't turned either on in about 2/3 years.

I only had the WiiU, got my fill of portable dual-screens with the DS.

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I have a 3DS, but not a WiiU.

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