Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch owners, did you have a Wii U/3DS?

I owned a...

Wii U 10 8.40%
3DS 14 11.76%
Both 80 67.23%
Neither 15 12.61%


The only Nintendo consoles I have not owned is the original Gameboy and the Virtual Boy.

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I had them both. The funny thing is that I bought the 3ds two months after the launch of Switch and the Wii U at 6 months.

Why not before?

R/ Because I had no money

Why just in the year of Switch launch?

R/ The Switch and Zelda BOTW aroused my curiosity. So I wanted to play most Zeldas before playing BOTW. I started playing TLOZ A link
to the Past. I loved the game and wanted more and the best way to play many Zelda games was with Wii U + 3ds. I played on the Wii U to Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and I was planning to play Skyward Sword but the game was damaged right at the moment you jump into the world below.
In 3ds I could play Ocarina of Time and A Link Between Worlds. After 1 year, play Zelda BOTW on Wii U. And the following year I bought the Switch. Later I plan to buy BOTW again but this time on Switch. I definitely want to return to that world.

The Wii U and the 3ds were the first consoles I had from Nintendo since the time of NES / SNES. I didn't have the rest because I didn't have money. That said, I definitely loved the time I had the Wii U and also the 3ds. Both have given me incredible experiences. Oh and needless to say that I not only played the Zeldas, I played many other games on both consoles.

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Both, and loved them both

Still do. 3DS XL in 2012 and a Wii U in 2013. While I have some good games on both. I hate using the hardware on both. It's just crap to use. Awful UI on both but at least I have custom SEGA themes on 3DS. Gamepad on Wii U is shit to use tho. I hate it. Anytime I can use the pro controller I did. We still need Xenoblade X to come to Switch.

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Yes I have both. My 3DS is broken now and My little brother still play Minecraft on Wii U (The Switch version interface is worse tha the Wii U version for him)

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Still have both, still love them.

Yes, I still have them, and I still prefer my wiiU over the switch as of now

- Xenoblade chronicles & xenoblades X are both better than xenoblades 2 on the switch

- Mario kart, new Mario + luigi, and many more are basically the same games

- I have 6 Zeldas on my WiiU, only 1 Zelda on the switch

- ZombiU, Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 are my 3 favourite Nintendo exclusives from the past 10 years

- Mario odyssey was overrated, you cant even die in that game, everything was far too easy, Mario 3D was not great but I prefer it

- Mario Galaxy, Mario Galaxy 2 is on the wiiU, not on switch

- I can control my TV/projector with the switch controller

If they bring ports of at least Pikmin 3, wonderful 101, Wind waker, Twilight princess and Xenoblades X, Ill sell my WiiU and rebuy everything on switch, until then, my wiiU is an ESSENTIAL CONSOLE, because I really like video games.

On the other hand, my 3ds is basically unused, I don't sell it because I really cant get much money for it. But there is really nothing on it that I would say is worth to keep it. Maybe just Pilot wings, that one is a blast on the 3ds. But I never liked pokemon or animal crossing, just not my things, and the Mario games on it are far too easy for me. Zelda I prefer on the bigger screen for immersion, I can play them all on the wiiU.

Most of my time with the 3ds, maybe half the time, was monster hunter 4, I loved it, but now there's monster hunter for switch and ps4 and so on, so I can do without.

Also I always hated the second joystick on the 3ds, was terrible, and I cant even see the 3d effect on it due to my eyes. I have friends who could see the 3d but they said it was not worth the trouble and gives headaches. 

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VAMatt said:
I preferred WiiU to Switch, though I thought the giant Gamepad was weird. I owned at 3DS, but was never a big fan of it. I think I bought it after that price break near launch because I knew I would be laid up for a while and wanted something convenient to play without having to get out of bed. But, before I sold it in 2018, I probably only ever purchased 6-8 games for it.

I actually find the gamepad more comfortable that the switch, it always surprises me when I pick up my wiiU to play and the gamepad just feels comfortable and lighter than what it looks.
The switch on the other hands cramps my fingers maybe because I have large hands and long fingers. To be honest it was worse with 3ds and Vita.

I'm like you I had 3ds but never was a big fan, if anything probably my most overrated console of all time, both the wiiU and dreamcast had better games than 3ds for me. 3DS was popular due to jRPGs but I never got into them, tried a few and they seems repetitive and too basic. Nothing remarkable besides monster hunter 4.

The wiiU on the other hand had very challenging games, I thought Mario U was the best side scroller Mario ever made, I thought zombiU was one of the best experiences of my life with dual screen and no pause on inventory and the real pressure and fear of dying with only 1 life with no way to go back to a checkpoint, then pikmin was my favourite exclusive Nintendo of all time, to say its challenging is an understatement, then wonderful 101 became my favourite Nintendo exclusive of all time, then Bayoneta 1 and 2, Rayman legends was also originally only on wiiU and was amazing, then Xenoblades X becoming my favourite jPRG of all time, then playing monster hunter for the first time in full HD, I  could go on and on.

I much prefer the Switch to the Wii U. Much more games I wanted than it's predecessor.

victor83fernandes said:

 Rayman legends was also originally only on wiiU and was amazing...

Rayman Legends is one of the most underrated games ever. Wii U is the best place to play it.  It is a truly great game.