Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch owners, did you have a Wii U/3DS?

I owned a...

Wii U 10 8.40%
3DS 14 11.76%
Both 80 67.23%
Neither 15 12.61%

Both for me as well. I bought my 3DS shortly after they lowered the price, and later bought 3DS XL and then finally a New 3DS (non-XL). PS4 was the first console I owned in the gen, and I didn't get a Wii U until late in its lifecycle. The Wii U had some great games, but it never appealed to me much as a piece of tech. I thought the controller was big and clunky and would have rather had that cost invested into a better console. That controller is what kept the Wii U from getting price cuts.

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had both.... wii u is still the best remote for my tv :P


I presently own both a Wii U and a 3DS but I got both of them AFTER I got my Switch. Prior to the Wii U and original 3DS, I had owned every Nintendo console and handheld except for the VirtualBoy. I loved and still do love my Wii and DS. When the Wii U and 3DS came out, I just didn't understand them. To me, the Wii U was just a clumsy, expensive Wii with upgraded specs. And the 3D technology in the 3DS was totally lacking. So I continued to just play on my old systems. Prior to the Switch launch, it was clear that Nintendo was on the right track again. The Switch launch did not disappoint and I got one during the first year, while it still lacked top-quality games. Since getting my Switch, and absolutely loving it, I got the New 3DS and Wii U for the following reasons.

One big reason that I got both the Wii U and New 3DS is because my old Wii and DS are physically aging and may not last much longer. My Wii has been sent to Nintendo twice for repairs and now Nintendo has discontinued repairs for the Wii. The hinge on my DS is so loose that I'm afraid it might split into two at any point. The Wii U plays Wii games and the 3DS plays DS games so I get to play all my favorite old games on newer, more reliable systems. *

Another reason I got both systems is the crazy good library of games. I got both systems at the end of their life so that opened up the option of playing lots of fun games I had never experienced like the Mario Kart 7 and the 3D Mario games. Furthermore, these old games are really cheap now on eBay and other places.

Over the past several years, TVs have advanced a lot and 4K is now the norm. While this has happened, old non-HDMI connections have gone mostly extinct. With my new razzle dazzle TV, my Wii still connects but the picture is often (randomly) distorted and always darker than it should be. The Wii U allows me to play my Wii games through an HDMI connection which, as a bonus, allows me to benefit from upscaling. It's pretty nice!

Finally, another reason I got the New 3DS is because they finally got the 3D technology right. Playing Street Fighter, Metroid, and Zelda in 3D with the new eye-tracking 3DS is surprisingly fun, and you can't get that on any other system. Incidentally, the 3DS Zelda (A Link Between Worlds) is now my favorite Zelda game and I've played ten of them.

* The ages of my Wii and DS have become my biggest motivator for getting their successors. I recently lost my son who grew up playing the Wii and DS with me and his sister. I can't bring my son back but I can relive good memories of him by playing old games on new, healthier systems.

^^ Might I recommend the old Mega Drive games for 3DS?
The parallax scrolling is absolutely stunning in 3D.

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Podings said:
curl-6 said:

Had I known then what I know now, I would've skipped both Wii U and 3DS and just waited for the Switch, but hindsight is 20:20.

It's my impression that most of what was good on the 3DS has yet to be ported to Switch.
Whereas the Wii U's library has been almost completely compromised.

But maybe this isn't your specific concern?

I already played the few 3DS games that really interested me, as well as everything on Wii U I consider worthwhile.

Had I skipped both systems I really wouldn't have missed out on much by going straight to Switch.

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I’ve had 3DS only. By the time I’ve decided to buy WiiU (it was early 2015), Nintendo already announced that they are working on NX, so I’ve ended up not buying WiiU after that.


I had a 2DS and bought a used WiiU
But I got a Switch day 1 and have probably used it more than both other things combined.

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I already commented but since everybody is sharing when they bought it I'm now doing it...
I first bought my 3DS after 6 years of non gaming in August 2013 with Animal Crossing and just last year I bought a NN3DS. I bought my Wii U in June 2014 after I won a Mario Kart 7 tournament in my small city and the prize was a copy of Mario Kart 8 so I had to buy the Wii U (I was already planning to buy it), maybe that's one of the reasons I liked more those consoles than the Switch, I have better memories of them when I got them than the Switch.

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Darwinianevolution said:
I have a 3DS, but not a WiiU.

you should swap, 3ds has considerably worse library, lets take an example, Mario 3d vs Mario 3d world, xenoblades vs xenoblades X, huge difference in graphics. Pikmin is the most dramatic difference, its really bad on the 3ds, a joke compared to the pikmin 3. Then lets compare Zeldas, ocarina of time is nowhere near wind waker, twilight princess and breath of the wild, not to mention I can also play ocarina of time on the wiiU. Then theres more marios, galaxy 1 and 2 etc.

For half the 3ds generation I only cared for monster hunter 4, but on wiiU monster hunter tri win it for me due to graphics.

Most games on 3ds from top 10 lists are a huge disappointment, pokemons is a terrible rpg where you just go around doing combat all the time and collecting pokemons, theres no story or exploration or puzzles or anything else. Fire emblem sounds great but its so boring, repetitive, nowhere near how fun advance wars was. Metroid samus is only a 2d game, and gets repetitive, I didn't bother finishing it, I much prefer Metroid prime trilogy on wiiU. Bravely default I got 10 hours in, got bored, repetitive 2d stuff, way worse than final fantasy in the 90's Nowhere something like Xenoblades X

Other games like Mario golf, Mario tennis and so on, are made far too easy, just look at the difficulty of pikmin 3 compared to pikmin on 3ds, totally different stuff. Animal crossing was too childish for me, I really tried, I liked the idea of a sims like game, but sims is more adult oriented so Id play sims instead or any of the several great strategy games on ps4.

Smash bros is also nowhere near other fighting games, for example why would Mario and link be in the same universe? Makes no sense to me.

Kirby is good but way way too easy for me.

Xenoblades on the 3ds, despite you needing the newer model of 3ds, it looked terrible compared to the same game on wiiU. And Xenoblade chronicles on wiiU didn't look close to xeboblades X either.

My biggest disappointment on 3ds was kid Icarus, many people were praising that, so I bought it, when I played it I could not for the life of me understand why people were praising it, it was worse than mediocre.

New super Mario bros was also way too easy on 3ds, took the fun out of it.

I really don't understand why Nintendo fans bought a 3ds instead of the wiiU. Its a gaming anomaly. Most 3ds games don't even make me use my brain to play. Just far too easy.

curl-6 said:

I had both.

Bought a Wii U in November 2013. While it did have some great games that I enjoyed enormously like BOTW, Bayonetta 2, and Mario Kart 8, the droughts were absolutely brutal and really soured my overall feelings towards it.

Bought a 3DS in 2015; Monster Hunter Tri was one of my favourite games of the 7th gen so when MH4 came out only on 3DS, I decided to grab one for it. Big mistake. To this day it's the only gaming system I have ever regretted buying. Disliked it immensely and whenever I played on it I just couldn't help thinking "man, I'd be enjoying this so much more if it was on a console."

Still, it taught me a valuable lesson; never buy a system that doesn't excite you just cos it has a game or two that do.

Got a Switch in October 2017; I decided to wait a few months beyond the launch window, until Nintendo proved it wasn't another Wii U. So far I absolutely love it; if it can manage three more years as good as 2017/2019 it has a shot at dethroning the SNES as my favourite system of all time.

I never felt this drought on the wiiU, it launched with the amazing and big New super Mario bros U, and zombiU was incredible, an experience of a generation, I played it several times, trying the hard mode with only 1 life.

All of this while the console ran all games from the Wii library

Then I even got assassins creed 3 at launch, it was also great and big. I also bought batman Arkham city, it was much better than on my 360 with the gadgets on the gamepad. I even got call of duty on it. Then darksiders 2 was one of the best games of my life. And mass effect 3, even tough I played the first 2 on 360. But I loved the powers on the gamepad and good graphics. Then rayman legends was huge and incredible, then pikmin 3, then Wonderful 101, xenoblades X was huge, bayoneta, Mario 3d world, VC games, monster hunter tri with much better graphics than monster hunter on 3ds, then wind waker HD, then twilight princess HD, splatoon, Mario kart 8, tokio mirage, then breath of the wild, and many more games in between, even need for speed most wanted was good, and splinter cell, deus X, child of light, assassins creed 4

I never felt the drough specially because I also had a 360 and ps4 and 3ds.