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Forums - Movies Discussion - How many movies do you see in theaters each year?


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I never go to the movie theater 10 20.41%
1-3 18 36.73%
4-6 6 12.24%
7-9 0 0%
10-12 3 6.12%
12+ 12 24.49%

Before I had a kid, I went to the theatre about once a month. After the kid, it's 2-3 times per year. I'd like to go more, but I just can't find the time. I very much enjoy the experience though.

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Very few. I simply don't like cinemas. I'll go if there's a film that I don't want to wait for, but that hasn't happened for awhile now. I'd much rather wait and watch movies at home instead.

Way to many to keep count of or remember, but I will try

Dragon Ball Super Broly


I want to eat your Pancreas

Captain Marvel


Avengers Endgame (three times in the theater in fact)

Detective Pikachu

John Wick 3

Toy Story 4

Spider-Man Far From Home (two times in the theater in fact)

Once Upon Time in Hollywood

It Chapter 2


Zombie Land Double Tap

The Lighthouse


Once Piece Stampede

Konosuba the Movie

Ford v Farrari

Knives Out

The Rise of Skywalker

So about 21 movies I saw in the theater last year. That is also not counting ones I watched at home like Rascal Doesn't Dream of Dreaming Girl and The Irishman.

0 at the cinema

around 300 in my home cinema, 100imch projector and better sound than in the cinema, also better comfort, and the advantage of pausing if needed

I used to go like 1 time a year and not go most years.
Since middle last year I'm going to the theater almost every week. I'll go today btw.
So around 25 last year I guess, and maybe 50 this year? lol

Edit: I tried to compile a list of movies I watch in the theater last year and what I came up was 20 last year, which I feel like may be missing just one movie or two at most.

And 9 up until now in 2020.

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No time, there are animes to watch.

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A few years back, I was so avid to.go there that it was basically a weekly thing.

Since two years now I've been to it only 2 times if I remember right. Maybe I'll get a watch at Sonic next ....

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No more than 3. Don't like movies in general, rather spend my time reading, surfing online and, of course, playing games.

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I used to go twice a year, but lately it is 0.

Varies wildly. Can be zero, can be 10, though MCU movies normally get watched in a movie theater, as they really look better there than on my TV

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