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victor83fernandes said:
SvennoJ said:
The last two movies I saw in the theater were Interstellar and The Lion King (with my kids). Hardly ever. I rather watch movies at home.

Your kids would have been happier with the original Lion king on TV, the recent one was maybe one of the worst movies, if not the worst, to come out these past 10 years.

True, but they still like the 3D effect and the other choice was teen titans movie or something equally bad. I have the original on blu-ray, they've seen it. I saw the original in theaters when it came out, it was great.

When I was still living on my own I went about twice a week to the cinema, sometimes more often. I was living in Amsterdam at the time which has lots of great theaters. Now I have to drive over half an hour for a decent theater and had to drive over an hour to see Interstellar in 70mm.

Anyway comfy couch, no limit to snacks and drinks, no annoying 3D, pause and clean bathroom nearby, better sound, always a center seat, can drink or get high, why go to the cinema...