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Forums - Movies & TV - How many movies do you see in theaters each year?


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I never go to the movie theater 18 23.68%
1-3 26 34.21%
4-6 11 14.47%
7-9 1 1.32%
10-12 6 7.89%
12+ 14 18.42%

0. My town doesn't have any theaters.

Well, back in 2017, a friend of mine took me to watch "Logan" at a theater in a neighbour town...

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Watched 10 movies in total for 2022 :) a bit down from my average I would imagine, but probably higher than 2020 and 2021 given the pandemic.

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I'd say about 3-4 on average, mostly bigger releases like Dune or Avatar. Besides those, the comforts of the home have become too sweet to resist. Not having to find parking, super expensive snacks, noisy people on their phones or jabbering on, etc. If and when I do go to a movie, I go to a VIP room, 40-50 seats with a recliner function, and the option of ordering food into the actual theatre. Most of the people who go there are there to see the movie, not "hang out" or browse their phones. But the tickets are mad expensive, hence why I rarely go, even in those.

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The comments in this thread are really sad to see.

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