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Forums - Movies & TV - How many movies do you see in theaters each year?


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I never go to the movie theater 18 23.68%
1-3 26 34.21%
4-6 11 14.47%
7-9 1 1.32%
10-12 6 7.89%
12+ 14 18.42%

Haven't been in a decade. Not worth it, even with just a decent home theater for me personally. It's too much hassle now, since the smaller local theaters have gone way downhill and a quality theater is over an hour drive. Local shops don't have BD movies and the DVD selection just keeps getting worse.

I download everything now. I would pay to stream it, but that's not really available here. Even with the recent wireless upgrade to the area, I've been told by my neighbors that Netflix, Disney, etc, stream at 720p best case, anytime after supper during peak hours and into the early morning. That's unacceptable. 1080p isn't exactly future tech at this point, and if I can get that quality from free downloads, then that's where I'm getting it. If those companies want my money, then bring better service to the area. I won't hold my breath.

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I'd say 3-5.

I went 22 times last year, and around 10 so far this year I'll probably end up going a lot this year now that I live close to a few cinema's. When I was in college I was going most weeks, so I could potentially go to see 30-40 films a year in the cinema.

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Four to five - mostly superhero and Pixar movies.

Last year I went 40 times.

The funny thing is that before that I had gone only once and invited by some relatives. Thanks to Dragon Ball Super Broly for bringing me back to the theathers. I went to see that movie and I loved the experience, so I kept going on a regular basis.

The list of movies I went to see is:

Dragon Ball Super Broly (2)
Creed II
How to train your dragon 3
Lego 2
The Favourite
Alita Battle Angel
Captain Marvel
The Curse of la llorona
Avengers Endgame (3)
Detective Pikachu
John Wick 3
Godzilla King of the Monsters
MIB International
Xmen Dark Phoenix
Toy Story 4
Annabelle 3
Spiderman Far From Home
The Secret life of Pets 2
Dora and the lost city of gold
It 2
Rambo The Last Blood
Ad Astra
Joker (my favorite from last year)
Maleficent mistress of evil
The Addams Family
Doctor Sleep
Ford vs Ferrari
Knives Out
Frozen 2
Zombieland Double Tap
Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker
Spies in disguise
Jumanji The Next Level

This year i went to see:

Richard Jewell
Parasite (my favorite so far)
Bad Boys for life
Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
Sonic the Hedgehog

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Before I had a kid, I went to the theatre about once a month. After the kid, it's 2-3 times per year. I'd like to go more, but I just can't find the time. I very much enjoy the experience though.

Way to many to keep count of or remember, but I will try

Dragon Ball Super Broly


I want to eat your Pancreas

Captain Marvel


Avengers Endgame (three times in the theater in fact)

Detective Pikachu

John Wick 3

Toy Story 4

Spider-Man Far From Home (two times in the theater in fact)

Once Upon Time in Hollywood

It Chapter 2


Zombie Land Double Tap

The Lighthouse


Once Piece Stampede

Konosuba the Movie

Ford v Farrari

Knives Out

The Rise of Skywalker

So about 21 movies I saw in the theater last year. That is also not counting ones I watched at home like Rascal Doesn't Dream of Dreaming Girl and The Irishman.

0 at the cinema

around 300 in my home cinema, 100imch projector and better sound than in the cinema, also better comfort, and the advantage of pausing if needed

No time, there are animes to watch.

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No more than 3. Don't like movies in general, rather spend my time reading, surfing online and, of course, playing games.

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