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Forums - Movies & TV - How many movies do you see in theaters each year?


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I never go to the movie theater 18 23.68%
1-3 26 34.21%
4-6 11 14.47%
7-9 1 1.32%
10-12 6 7.89%
12+ 14 18.42%

I would say 1 movie every second year.

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The past few years have been 0.

Before that, probably somewhere between 0-4 movies a year.

Haven't been to one since 2012 lol

I don't watch movies in general... maybe 1-2 a year. I'm not opposed to them but usually rather play a video game.

I'd say roughly 0. When the prices are ridiculous and I'm not a huge fan of the experience in the first place (plus I don't really watch that many movies because I'm not that interested in very many movies), it's hard to justify paying for it. In the last decade or so, I've seen maybe a handful of movies in a theater.

Saw top Gun last year and Thor Love and Thunder, and that's it

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I rarely go to cinema these days, with few exceptions here and there. Since I invested quite a lot into my home cinema during the lockdown, I honestly prefer watching movies at home nowadays

Prior to Coronavirus, about 20 or so per year.
Since Coronavirus between 0 and 2. Although, this year I’ve already been to two. I’m thinking it will probably be something like 5-10 going forward.

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0 since the pandemic and likely will never change.

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I haven't been to the movies since 2019 lol. Probably will never change.

The comments in this thread are really sad to see.