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derpysquirtle64 said:

It depends. I've used to watch around 10 movies per year earlier but It's just that I rarely find something that interests me nowadays. Last year was a bit better than 2018 I think. I watched:
- John Wick 3
- Once Upon a Time In Hollywood
- Promare

- Joker
- Star Wars 9 (kinda regret it, but considering that I watched all the previous films, I've decided to watch this one as well)

I also watched some 2019 films during the long flight I had for my business trip:

- Avengers: Endgame

- Spiderman: Far From Home

- Alita: Battle Angel

Only liked the last one out of these three

I still cant believe that someone actually paid to watch John wick 3 and once upon a time in Hollywood, I watched them for free and I feel robbed. Actually I only watched half the once upon a time in hollywood, it was so bad This is one of the reasons why I watch movies for free at home, BEFORE INVESTING money to buy the bluray, I need to know what I'm spending my money on. I saved thousands and thousands, I have nightmares of paying for something like those movies which are not even worth it for free.

Its tricky, because john wick 1 was brilliant, the second one was OK too. I also loved the first Iron man and batman trilogy, but other than that I hated all super hero movies since then. Batman V Superman was just OK, but as I grow older I seem to like less and less all these way over the top ridiculous fantasies.

With that said, I watch around 300 movies per year, and I buy around 20-30 Blurays per year. I have now around 600 in my collection. The money I'd spend on a ticket I buy a bluray, and increase my home cinema collection.