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victor83fernandes said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Varies wildly. Can be zero, can be 10, though MCU movies normally get watched in a movie theater, as they really look better there than on my TV

The money you spend on tickets and fuel to drive there, you could save and invest in a nice projector, you can probably get a good second hand one for like 300 dollars.

That is, a nice projector would cost you the same as 25 tickets + fuel, so someone who goes twice a month would have paid for a projector in 1 year instead. Continue not going to the cinema a second year and you can invest in a good sound system.

That's what I did, and as a bonus, playing videogames on 100inch screen is amazing. The way you compare a movie on cinema to a movie on your tv, is the same difference with videogames, even more so, because size of screen increases immersion in the game.

Not only that, but unlike TVs, the projector wall doesn't reflect light sources for example from windows or doors, I hated that when I used TVs, sometimes I could even see myself reflected, even worse was the ps4 controller led light would reflect on my TV, doesn't happen with a projector. You don't even need a screen anymore, nowadays projectors are bright, mine is kept at lowest brightness mode and its great on my plain white wall.

Another bonus, a projector wont tire your eyes as much as a TV, because the image you see is reflected back to you, instead of TV which the image is shot directly into your eyes. I can play games for hours now on projector without ever getting sleepiness in my eyes.

Problem is, living space is at a premium here in Luxembourg. So there's simply no space for a big screen, let alone for a projector. I already have problems to get something bigger than a 47 inch TV into my living room. My apartment is approximately 600 square feet large (56m2) with one bedroom yet cost about $375000 (340000€, and that's rather cheap here!), so there's not much possibility to get something larger inside