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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Witcher 3 vs Skyrim


I prefer...

Witcher 3 44 66.67%
Skyrim 22 33.33%

Witcher 3 obviously, Elder scrolls went mainstream after morrowind, Oblivion was still good though. Then Skyrim came along and was made for the casuals, such a basic game.

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Not played Witcher, but Skyrim was a big let down.

I hadn’t played a TES game since Morrowind and was really pumped up when I started playing Skyrim, boy was I disappointed. I stopped playing about 60h in and haven’t looked back. The game is so god damn watered down, I just can’t enjoy it. I can go back and play Morrowind (without mods) any day even after finishing the main story and killing Vivec and capturing his soul in a soulstone (I’ve clocked somewhere 500-800 h in it).

Is witcher better? (I do love the first book (the only one I’ve read in the series))

They are fairly different games, I really wouldn't compare them at all. While they both fall into open-world action-RPGs (barely, since they are often crossing that thin line that separates then from pseudo-RPGs like HZD and AC:O), TW3 is focused more on narrative and Skyrim is more about roaming around.

Ultimately, they are massively watered down AAA takes on genre (and in TES' case on some of its great predecessors) made for mainstream audience and both suffer quite a bit (creatively if not commercially) for it.

I came here to say, that both games are VERY different beasts. Witcher has a stronger narrative focus, which pulls you along a path and is therefore the better predetermined story. Skyrim on the other hand gives the player more to do as he likes and forge his own story. Both have their own up- and downsides. It probably depends on the player, which he likes more.

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Considering they are different games with a different focus, its a bit of an odd comparison, like comparing Uncharted 2 and the last of us. Having said that in areas thst the two are comparsble Witcher 3 by a mile. Be it combat, story, world, humor (or lack there of in Skyrim). But Skyrim does exploration better than The Witcher 3.

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Skyrim in the end. I played Skyrim again in VR, it was awesome. I spend 130 hours in VR after already having it played for 70 on ps3. The Witcher 3 was good too but I was glad when it was over (started to drag on towards the end) and never felt like playing it again. TW3 peaked early at the Baron quest line. Skyrim was a joy to explore both above and under ground.

This is a good question, and long standing source of debate across different forums on the internet. Having played, and finished both games at around their respective launch times I personally prefer Skyrim. Both games are different in their approach and at what they are trying to ultimately accomplish. One is a First Person Adventure/RPG that wants to get the player to lose him/herself in its epic world and lore. The other is a third person action/RPG that wants the player to experience an incredible story set in an wondrous world with strong emphasis on  its Characters. Both are equally great at what they do, and the Witcher 3 has visually aged much better as it is a newer game developed for much more powerful hardware as its baseline. 

All that being said. I have bought 4 different versions of Skyrim and have played over 400 hours of it. The Witcher 3 for me was an 80 hour experience that once finished, I never felt the need to get back into it. It was a great ride while the story lasted, Skyrim keeps being an interesting game even after 400 hours because I Keep running into random situations that set me on different quest paths. While the Witcher 3 had the bigger real state, it was only on a surface level, by contrast there is so much more verticality to Skyrim. Go into a recently discovered cave and it can lead you to an hour long journey through a maze or ancient elven ruins. The Witcher didn't have that exploration element to it, and Frankly no other open world has approached that level of immersion (BotW did come closer than most IMO). The Witcher 3, is prettier, has the more polished combat system and tells the better more engaging plot. Skyrim is more immersive, the better  playground, and it is the gift that keeps on giving even after hundreds of hours. Both can coexist together, I would recommend both games to any one seeking an adventure.

At their respective launches while I found Witcher 3 a mind-blowing  experience (Visually speaking), I was actually more impressed with Skyrim in 2011. The sense of scale was unparalleled, and  fighting your first dragon in an open field was one of the more iconic, and unforgettable experiences of the last decade. If I had to pick only one game to play it would be Skyrim, but the Witcher 3 is equally great at what it does and some people will prefer its style of play and presentation. By the way these are the Metacritic scores for these two titles: Skyrim- 94, Witcher 3- 93. 

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For some reason, I just can't get into skyrim. I should love this game, but something is so off putting about it. So far I have loved witcher 3 though. Great side missions, strong narrative, and overall fun gameplay.


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I find them both very boring.

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Skyrim wins for me, but it is carried by the fact it is available in VR.

I tried both Skyrim and TW3 on the TV with a Gamepad and Mouse/Keyboard when they released, and was unable to find much interest in either title. Only put in around 15 hours each before walking away. For my taste, both games played very poorly with traditional controls on Console and PC, which was a huge part of why I lost interest.

With the release of Skyrim VR on PSVR, I ended up dumping over 50 hours into the game. Still ended up loosing interest in it, but it was a massively better experience in this format. Now if they were to remaster the game for a future VR platform, with much better graphics and more intuitive motion controls, I could see myself putting even more time into the title. I enjoyed the immense scale of the current version in VR, but once again, it was the poor controls that pushed me away. Motion was a massive upgrade over Gamepad or Mouse/Keyboard, but there is still much room for improvement.

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