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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Console Wars are mostly dead...

The current state of things:

Sony fans are mostly content knowing that the PS4 was a smash success. Great hardware, great games, and great sales. Virtually no competition. PSVR also makes it unique and standout from the pack. Exclusives continue to arrive at a time when support normally starts winding down.

Xbox fans have to be satisfied knowing that at least one version of their console offers the best experience (if not exactly noticeably better) for multi platform games. Gamepass Ultimate may be the best value in gaming. Aside from PC, the Xbox One is second to none when it comes to extra apps and features.

Nintendo fans are treated to a charming console, beloved by everyone. Great sales, exclusive software and the best third party support Nintendo has received in ages. 

The consoles even play well together with certain games supporting online cross play. All three brands seem to be making good profits and all fan bases seem content. All is right with the world. The war is over... but how does that make you feel?

As hardcore gamers, half the fun is being able to talk shit about the competition. This gen has mostly been boring in that regard. Nobody likes a one-sided fight. No price wars because of a lack of competition. Next gen a whole new war with new bullet points and different bragging rights will likely appear but for now, all is quiet. Do you miss the excitement or do you like the peace?

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Next year Google Stadia, PS5 and NextBox launch. While Nintendo has a stable hardware, the Switch will get new obsession over which games it gets and which not. So be content, the fighting will start next year anew.

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Console wars have always been childish nonsense. Never should have been a thing.

Sadly, they will never die, especially on twitter. And with next gen coming next years, things will just spark up more

thats very optimisic....

The pessimist would say.... Nintendo left the market, and went handheld focused.
Sony smashed xbox early in gen and that was a rap.

So yes their dead.

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Console wars are now the PC launcher wars. Next will be the gaming streaming wars, then the mobile reformation, and then we'll game with sticks and stones because the market will crash.

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The console wars still live and breathe. It's just that this gen's battle was decided within a year or two. There's really little that MS gave fans to gloat about, especially late in the gen. Sure, they have the graphics crown, for now, but their exclusives and sales of late have left much to be desired.

Next year, the battle for next gen will begin. We will start getting looks at the consoles, the features, the games, and eventually the price. Oh, it will be good times. Well, for about a year or two, when find out PS has won, again. Huzzah!

Sony dominated this generation as per norm, there is no more war. Microsoft hit lightning in the pan with the Xbox 360 as Sony stumbled on PS3 launch.

All else on the portable front, Nintendo naturally wins by default.

I believe that it has never been as brutal and crual as it is today just before the 9th gen. Next gen will see one of the 3 dying from hardware battle I think, despite a very slow start, I believe also that Google will have eaten everything within 10-15 years and only the exclusive IP departement of SONY and Nintendo will remain to produce their games for Google.

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Darwinianevolution said:
Console wars are now the PC launcher wars. Next will be the gaming streaming wars, then the mobile reformation, and then we'll game with sticks and stones because the market will crash.

^ that..... so much.