What score would you give Joker

10 21 25.61%
9 22 26.83%
8 7 8.54%
7 7 8.54%
6 7 8.54%
5 0 0.00%
4 1 1.22%
3 or below 1 1.22%
haven't watched it 15 18.29%
won't watch it 1 1.22%

I watched the movie last thursday and i loved it, its so far my favorite "comic book" movie and my favorite movie of the year.

Edit: Joaquin Phoenix deserves at least an oscar nomination.

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I saw Joker on Friday, it was a damn good movie, 9/10. All the incels can suck it.

It's funny, I don't remember hearing this much outcry about the Saw movies "glorifying/encouraging violence" when THOSE were still trendy, why is it suddenly a problem NOW?

Speaking of which, I'm sure you've all heard about the security measures imposed at various theaters because of the movie's controversy. My theater did the same, though they were less conspicuous about it. There were no signs posted at my theater, they just sold tickets at concessions. Yeah, I don't think having to go inside would be much of a deterrent for crazies who will kill somebody because of a MOVIE.

Guess I'm the only one (currently) who wasn't ecstatic about it. It was...okay nonetheless. Another case of a lackluster script elevated by an awesome performance from Phoenix. The way he did that uncontrollable laugh was something else.

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KManX89 said:

It's funny, I don't remember hearing this much outcry about the Saw movies "glorifying/encouraging violence" when THOSE were still trendy, why is it suddenly a problem NOW?

To be fair, movies like A Clockwork Orange and Taxi Driver did provoke some of the "moral panic" we're seeing now when they released. Worse, even, by the looks of it. I wonder if that's a cause or a consequence of the US movie industry these days being so tame compared to Europe or Latin America.

OT - great movie, despite some hiccups here and there on the plot and pacing. If anyone is willing to be inspired by a fictional failed murderous clown, on the other hand, that says a lot about them. I'll give it an 7.5, perhaps 8.






I thought it was overrated because of a phoney controversy. Poor man's wannabe Taxi Driver, the first half of the movie is fairly boring, the second half is alright but predictable. There's not much going on here story wise. Phoenix puts on a good performance and mostly carries a film that doesn't have a lot going on. It's a 7/10 tier movie.

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I thought the movie was great, tho I would have liked to see Joker in his "final form"' a bit longer, you only get about 10 minutes of it at the end

Thought it was a great movie, some people seem to forget this is about the origins of Joker. 10/10 for me

Commodus from Gladiator played by Joaquin Phoenix gives "Joker" a thumbs up of approval.

(Joaqun Phoenix also plays Joker)

An amazing film that is definitely not for everyone. Especially not the faint of heart.
This is not really a comic book film as much as it is a a mental health awareness film with a comic book character as the main character.

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It was an excellent character study with a superb performance from Joaquin Phoenix and an obviously Scorsese-eqsue tone, with the violence coming sparingly but realistically brutal when it happens. Compelling film from beginning to end. Phoenix deserved an Oscar nomination for this.