What score would you give Joker

10 21 25.61%
9 22 26.83%
8 7 8.54%
7 7 8.54%
6 7 8.54%
5 0 0.00%
4 1 1.22%
3 or below 1 1.22%
haven't watched it 15 18.29%
won't watch it 1 1.22%
haxxiy said:
KManX89 said:

It's funny, I don't remember hearing this much outcry about the Saw movies "glorifying/encouraging violence" when THOSE were still trendy, why is it suddenly a problem NOW?

To be fair, movies like A Clockwork Orange and Taxi Driver did provoke some of the "moral panic" we're seeing now when they released. Worse, even, by the looks of it. I wonder if that's a cause or a consequence of the US movie industry these days being so tame compared to Europe or Latin America.

OT - great movie, despite some hiccups here and there on the plot and pacing. If anyone is willing to be inspired by a fictional failed murderous clown, on the other hand, that says a lot about them. I'll give it an 7.5, perhaps 8.

The real scary question is will anybody be able to relate to this fictional failed murderous clown, and if so, what does that say about society?

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The fact that many seem to be uneasy about this film and even shun it just makes me shake my head. We've turned into a culture of full-blown Neo-Puritanical morons.

I mainly want to see it because some of mainstream media is demonizing the film and those who watch it and considers it "problematic." What can I say? I am endlessly tempted by "The Forbidden," especially when it's those in positions of high power that are the ones forbidding these things.

The ironic thing is from what I hear the film stars a "good guy" who gets shit on and demonized by society and basically becomes the monster they make him out to be. A self-fulfilling prophecy as it were.

Buddy of mine loved it and his girlfriend claims it to be a "top 5 film she's ever seen." Definitely piques my interest further.


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I saw it twice, and want to see it again! Can't wait for blu ray release and extended scenes.

Saw it last night. I gave it a 8/10 in the poll.

Liked it a lot, would not consider it a "masterpiece" of any sort tho. Excelent cinematography and sound. I am short of words of praise for Joaquin Phoenix perfomance which was very strong, nuanced and just plain carried the film. Even the body language has a ton of presence.
I think it wouldve been better if they didnt link it to the Batman universe (particularly a scene in the end if you know what I mean) and I think the screenplay wasnt all that great when it comes to the linear plot and the way they present social lack of empathy and cynism, which I thought was a bit forced, even tho it serves the character to some extent.

I understand the controversy, tho I think any form of violence should be acceptable to display in film according to the movie's rating. Entertainment mediums are supposed to entertain, not educate. Thats for your school and mostly for your family to do. But i dont live in the USA and I perceive that is an american issue.

Would recommend it tho, cause overall is a very good film.

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I thought it was pretty good.  I give it 8.5, but rounding it up to 9.  I am suspecting that this film might grow on me more if I rewatch it.  It seems like the type of movie, where I might want to rewatch it and analyze every scene.

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Just finished it and thought it was spectacular. Through the whole thing I saw parallels of someone really close to me that is socially awkward, only looks at her phone and laughs, and tries to figure out people by looking at their behaviors (so she can fit in). Needless to say I almost cried.

I think they were trying to make the Joker unrelateable but I was sympathetic through the whole thing. And I have friends that says they were bored but I think they are more into dumb action. Don't get me wrong. I am too! But this movie was something else.

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Not wasting my time on it. DC needs to release three consecutive movies that achieve at least 75% on the Tomatometer before I think about giving them another chance. Joker just sets the count back to zero, like Aquaman before it.

SuaveSocialist said:
Not wasting my time on it. DC needs to release three consecutive movies that achieve at least 75% on the Tomatometer before I think about giving them another chance. Joker just sets the count back to zero, like Aquaman before it.

That's an interesting take. Can't you just enjoy it as a stand-alone film? I was kind of against the idea of a Joker origin movie, because he's always been, from my time in the world of comics at least, a total mystery, and I wasn't keen on potentially taking a journey into the mind of an idiot to see their take on story that had never been told. And back to your stance: Isn't this movie it's own separate thing? Insofar as it has nothing to do with the ugly mess that is (was?) the DCCU? Anywhoo, please don't read this as aggro. I can assure you I'm in my pajamas smoking a pipe.

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So you let Rotten Tomatoes do your thinking for you? Especially when a good portion of the critics who reviewed this film had an agenda going in and brought the score down because they had their heads shoved so far up their own ass with their bias and couldn't look at the movie at what it was trying to do and present because it wasn't Marvel. 

Why not just see the film and decide for yourself? 

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I found watching the film very uncomfortable at times, but I don't mean this in a bad way. When reflecting on it, think you have to remember this is a supervillian movie, not a superhero one. It is from the perspective of its main antagonist. I feel it is unlikely a comparable film will ever be made.

As for the Joker himself, I agree with many that Joaquin Phoenix is brilliant in the role. If you think of other recent iterations, they retain elemnts that while they are menacing, are ultimately a bit cartoonish (at least by comparison). With this Joker, while you see a human side of him, his action are horrific and you cannot sympathise with him even if his plight with his mental health, poverty etc are relatable. I also noted his body language and what you might describe as his swagger. You can notice throughout the film it gradually change from a performance in the first scene to more of a 'celebration' at the end, where it is in tune with the sort of mannerism you associate with the Joker elsewhere.

This is what ultimately, for me, makes him far scarier than any other interpretation of the Joker I've seen, including Heath Ledger's.

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