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Come on PS4 i know you are old and the Switch is basically in its prime but i want you to take another week, just one more!

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BeastStation 4.

COKTOE said:

Oh boy. Another new low for the XBO.

Has anybody ever mentioned that the PS4 is in it's 6th year? I don't think I've seen it in previous threads.

PS4 turns 6 in November for NA and PAL regions. For Japan it will turn 6 next year in February.

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Ah nice, the Switch won again. Looks to be another NPD down for Switch too. Yeah, the revision is coming soon so I am curious to see if there will be an upwards movement of the hardware again. I think software wise FE3H did well tho.

Amnesia said:


Riiiiiiight, because basing HW sales off of ONE DAY, right before a confirmed revision of the base model with higher battery life lands on shelves is super telling!  🙄

I am much more interested to see sales with Fire Emblem being out for a full week, and when the newer model is out.

Random_Matt said:
Amnesia said:


Because the game is super niche.

Yet it is flying off shelves everywhere.  Nice try bud!

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Xbox1 Dominates the 3DS with 2:1 sales for yet another week! I just don't think Nintendo has any answers to their domination there.

@COKTOE It's not actually a new low, that came a few weeks ago and has yet to be dipped below. It's just been hovering over the 40k each week since this one though.

Amazing sales for the PS4 though, for a system which has just entered it's 50,232nd hour since release.... still doing those kinda numbers, and the system hasn't even seen a released almost 86,400 seconds before these numbers with Wolfenstein: Youngblood, so that's a long time without any big releases to speak of on the platform! ... In all seriousness though, the PS4 has done amazing this generation, they launched focused on the games and that sold 100m systems, I love that it succeeded so much for a system with the focus so much on just delivering games to players, it's the same with the Switch, that machine still just has Youtube and no browser/netflix but it does close to 200k each week, I'm so glad as an old bastard gamer at this stage that the traditional console was what won the day over the very much media and services focused X1. The generation has been a victory for not breaking the old mould too much, and I hope that continues as long as possible.

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Nice week for the Switch considering the revision and Lite are coming in a month or so.

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PS4 with 100 million sold and still neck and neck with the switch. (Even With a price tag range of $250 to $300)
Shear Domination!
A price drop to $199 will help the PS4 to be extremely competitive with the switch lite.

*Switch wins the week*

Every comment: ZOMG, PS4 domination!

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curl-6 said:

*Switch wins the week*

Every comment: ZOMG, PS4 domination!

That's because the PS4 is pushing 6 years to the NS 2+ (it not at 2.5yrs yet) and still somehow only managing to be only like 13k behind the NS. 

I am sorry but there is more to take away from that than the fact that the NS is "winning" the week which should be expected considering the age of the consoles.