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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Everybody is doing a mini console except Microsoft


Does the mini lineup of mini consoles need an xbox mini?

Yes 7 17.50%
No 33 82.50%

Most of the mini consoles are pre 2000. With the exception of PS1 (doable storage wise), the amount of storage you would need for the games on this Xbox mini console would make it too expensive. Or the storage would be small and you would have like a handful games on it. It wouldn't make it worth it then. The controllers would also cost way more than your NES or SNES controller for your NES Classic or SNES Classic. It just doesn't make sense financially.

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Would buy. It would need an SLC NAND drive though for longevity/reliability reasons.

VAMatt said:
XB doesn't have the heritage yet. Plus, look at how bad the PS mini did. Maybe in another decade XB will be ready.

Halo, Fable, Forza, Panzer Dragoon, Jetset Radio, Jade Empire, Phantom Dust, Crimson Skies, Conker were all great.

Sprinkle some titles like Morrowind, Oddworld: Strangers Wrath, Otogi, Amped, Shenmue, FarCry, Doom, Deus Ex, Dead or Alive as fillers... And you have a very solid Xbox Original Mini with a great lineup.

The Playstation Mini was just shit in every regard. - Terrible choice of games, poor emulation quality and lacked features, it actually deserved to fail... It's only thanks to modders that the mini console was worth saving from landfill... The Playstation Mini isn't going to be representative of all mini consoles going forward.

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Its pointless, because the X1 plays OG and 360 games. Basically defeats the point.

Azzanation said:
Its pointless, because the X1 plays OG and 360 games. Basically defeats the point.

Every Nintendo Machine since the Wii plays NES games (GC included if you count Animal Cross) The NES Mini still sold 3.6million units, those mini consoles aren't about just the practical use of them, they're also collectors items as most of them (heck even the PSmini) are lovely little ornaments of the original machines which have the icing on the cake of being able to play some of the key titles from those systems, they're amazing as gift ideas for older gamers and like I said, they're nice collectors items as well as being a playable system.

Also I think there's another reason the OG Xbox couldn't work as a Mini...

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Conina said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:
IGot a couple 16 bit games that don't work with a modern 64 bit OS, plus tons of Dos and other Windows games and programs of that era.


That only works with the Dos games. Any Windows-only game from that era doesn't work with it.

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Let them wait at least 10 others years and also Xbox controllers seem prone to higher production costs than other controllers. It doesn't sound like the most profitable endeavour for them.

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The main appeal of these mini consoles is that the game play is different from the mainstream games of today.  (Nostalgia is a factor too, but not the main factor.)  Generations 3 and 4 had 2D gameplay for their main, flagship titles.  That is something you don't really get nowadays.  It is true that you can find people who want to play Hollow Knight, Sonic Mania, Ori, Octopath Traveler, etc..., but these are all considered "alternative titles".  In generations 3 and 4 they were the flagship titles.  The companies put their very best efforts into making the 2D games the very best possible. 

So any console that is generation 5 or later is just not going to have the same appeal.  3D games have, for the most part, gotten better with every generation (or at the very least stayed the same).  People aren't getting radically new types of game experiences by going back to generation 5 or 6.  But they are getting radically new experiences from generations 3 and 4. That is why Microsoft shouldn't make a mini console.  They don't go back to the 2D era.

On second thought XB needs to triple down. They already doubled down and brought "the duke" controller back, so why not put it to good use with an XBOX SUPER XL? It'll go great with the recent Nvidia Super Series GPU marketing. If it's not the right time to go smaller, why not go even bigger?

Bofferbrauer2 said:
Conina said:


That only works with the Dos games. Any Windows-only game from that era doesn't work with it.

So which 16-bit Windows games do you miss?

Most games for Windows 3.1 also had a DOS-mode (which usually ran a lot faster). Windows was an afterthought for games until the launch of Windows 95, so almost any PC game until then runs in DOSbox.

Windows-95-games without Win3.1-compatibility were already 32-bit and most of them run on Windows 10.

Then we have dozens of point&click adventures of that transition era (f.e. King's Quest VII), which run perfectly on ScummVM... and ScummVM itself runs on a lot of different devices and operating systems.

I'm really curious which old Windows games still worth playing aren't running on Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Did you forget these?