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I would buy one. Sometimes, I like to play games in the laziest positions humanly possible, and those positions are more easily obtainable with a portable. There are plenty of games on the PS4 that would be ideal for a small screen. I'd save the most graphically intense stuff for the big screen and Pro. I really like portables, but I never take my systems anywhere with me. When I'm out, I'm out, and don't want to play games. I leave my smartphone at home as often as possible too. Keys, ID, debit card. That's my preferred loadout.

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I would be curious to see what kind of loading time we’ll get on the go...

Potable sounds like a toilet so probably not.

I think PS5 would be better starting point to derive handheld from, swap CPU for ARM and cut down GPU and RAM for 720p or max 1080p resolution.

Azzanation said:
Potable sounds like a toilet so probably not.

That water in your toilet is non-potable, or I wouldn't advise drinking it at least...unless you're really, really thirsty.  But to each his own.

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No, mainly because the tech isn't affordable right now. A third PlayStation handheld released in the next few years would likely be between the PS3 and PS4 in terms of graphics, so pretty much a Nintendo Switch. And I play Switch mostly docked anyway. On top of all that, I finally got a PS4. I've never owned a PlayStation, and this is the first "up-to-date" piece of gaming hardware I've had really ever. I know the PS5 is not far away, and gaming PCs can greatly outperform a PS4 with the right build. But I chose the PS4 for the mix of exclusives and multiplats unavailable on Switch.

The Switch isn't even as powerful as a base Xbox One or PS4, even in docked mode. You can't really make a portable for under $500-$600 with Xbox One or PS4 specs, if you can even make one at all.

The gaming industry isn't the easiest to predict, but I do the death of handheld platforms happening right now. The PlayStation Vita has been officially discontinued worldwide this year, the 3DS will likely be discontinued in 2020 or 2021. I see Nintendo's hybrid idea sticking. The successor to the Switch will likely be a hybrid, rendering a seperate dedicated handheld platform very irrelevant.

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Nope. What makes the Switch nice is it does both home and portable for $300. Spending $300 for a ps4 and $300 for a portable for $600... nah. I don't portable game that much.

Not too mention the question is rather silly.  How would a portable device play 30-50 gb ps4 games???  Plus that battery life, ugh.

No, im not into handheld gaming.

I think the consensus is almost unanimously agreed upon, now why would I drink potable water coming from a PS4 ?

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Good to know that most of the people replied on the thread are not into handheld gaming and still prefer a home console.

I should have put more thought into this idea before making the topic.
With streaming being the future ( far Future), a portable only device wouldn't be successful (outside of japan) at this point of time.