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A potable PS4? That sounds very unhealthy, no thank you.

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Compatible to all my digital PS4 games?

Of course, would help with my PS4-backlog.... but it would hurt my Switch-backlog.

jason1637 said:
No. The type of games on PS4 are not the type of games i'd play on the go.

Agreed. I think Sony makes excellent home console games like The Last of Us, God of War and Horizon but they don't make the types of games fitting portable gaming imo. I've enjoyed playing on Vita but not because of 1st party games but rather indie-like games such as Minecraft, Stardew Valley, The Binding of Isaac, Spelunky, Fez and Super Meat Boy.

Not anymore now. There’s no point anymore. A couple years ago when I didn’t have a PS4 yet I’d probably have chosen to get that instead of a home console, if it would’ve been the same as the real thing, playing the same games, and if it wasn’t all-digital.

No. I pretty much only game on my tv. Even with my Switch. I have barely any time to game on the go.

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Geralt99 said:

I have been thinking about this for a while now.

A PS4 handheld (PS4 GO?) with similar specs to a standard PS4 that plays games at 720p priced at $299.

It does everything a normal PS4 does only at lower resolution.

I believe it could be a strong contender for the switch, especially in Japan. 

If you already own a PS4, would you get the PS4 GO?

No because it wouldnt be $299, games would struggle to play on it, and the battery life would suck.

In a heart beat. In fact if they could manage to shrink it down to PS Vita size and had full support gor all of the PS4 content, digitally I would buy it along side my ps5.


China Numba wan!!

Wouldn't be interested

Nope. I could wait for a PS5 Hybrid, anyhow, while GPU isn't a problem, graphics can scale down when undocked, to get the necessary CPU power on a mobile chip at a low enough power consumption Sony will have to wait at least for a mature enough Zen 3 tech, if not even later.

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If they do a PSP3 they need to do something new like the PSP.
If not I'll just keep at the PS4 instead.

Do a 1080p device that plays UMD's, Vita carts and new games, that has 4 shoulder button and have access to PS Store from PS1 to PS3 and you have a perfect companion for the PS5, specially if they go back to expand the PS1/PS2 digital library.
PS5 (having PS4 BC, would love full physical BC from PS1 tho) and this PSP3 combo would mean you have access to all Playstation have has to offer and access to new exciting games in each platform to keep them moving foward.

Honestly that will never happen, tho.
Because why would anyone invest so much in the PSP3 games that are PS4-like instead of making them for PS4/PS5 instead?
Don't think Sony will release another handheld in the next 10 years, if they ever do it again.
PS5 is all they need, and they'll likely profit a lot more keeping focused on just that.
PS5 will full BC is the best we can hope for.