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Do your Joycon drift?

Yes 51 63.75%
No 29 36.25%

I love Nintendo, but the Joy Cons are complete and utter crap. Drift issues, connectivity issues, etc.

In terms of drift, replace the analog with a third party analog available on Amazon. It worked for me.

As for the Pro Controller, outstanding controller.  I absolutely love it, perhaps my favorite controller of all time.

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I have a launch unit switch, no drift problem for now, just don't jinx it! I play about 70% as handheld, docked I have horrible almost unplayable desync problem. so I play with dualshock4 + 8bitdo adapter.

I have experienced the problem yes, on two sets of joycons. After seeing the compressed air fix mentioned online, I tried it and it solved the problem with both.

Oops! I'm late! Has D0M3D been said yet?

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PS But after all Ninty was honest, it clearly specified it in its very name, "con".

Stwike him, Centuwion. Stwike him vewy wuffly! (Pontius Pilate, "Life of Brian")
A fart without stink is like a sky without stars.
TGS, Third Grade Shooter: brand new genre invented by Kevin Butler exclusively for Natal WiiToo Kinect. PEW! PEW-PEW-PEW! 

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Mine used to drift, but I bought an analog stick from ebay (sent from China) for ~$3 and replaced it myself.

Wasn't too difficult to repair, but certainly a hassle. Now I use a 3rd party pro controller.

mZuzek said:
super_etecoon said:
I have had joycon drift in both sets of my joycons for at least a year. It actually made me switch to the pro controller full time.

But I watched a video on Nintendo Life (hello, loooovely peeeple), and now I'm cured.

You need to lift up the membrane underneath the joystick with tweezers or a paperclip, spray a very small amount of electronic cleaner in there, and rotate the stick for a full minute. Then let it dry for at least an hour. Make sure the controller is off and that you don't press any buttons whatsoever as sending electric current through the controller is the very last thing you'd want to do.

Both my neon and gray set are now perfectly fine and I haven't had the slightest bit of drift since.

How long has it been since then?

I'm opening up my Pro controller right now lol. Wanna get myself familiarized with this whole fixing/cleaning controllers thing, as it seems like a meta thing to do for as long as the Switch is around.

Not very long, to be honest.  Maybe a month, and I'm not using them like I was when I was playing BotW or Mario Odyssey.  In fact, I still use my Pro to play Rocket League because I trust it more.  I really love the concept of the joycons, the same as I did with the Wii/nunchuck.  It's a bummer that since day one we've had this problematic aspect of the design.

I have a pair of the Splatoon 2 colors from Japan.  The left one started to not take inputs properly and then started drifting.  Was no real issue, though.  Called Nintendo, they set up a repair/replace service and they were out, repaired and back within 7 of charge.

  Easy Peasy

I have zero worries with Nintendo products.  If there is an issue their customer service, time and time again, has been fantastic.

I experienced Drift in mine. I tried a fix online and it worked for a few days, and then it got much worse and didn't really recover.

jason1637 said:

I have 3 different pairs of joycons. The blue/red, pink/green and yellow/yellow and for all of these on the left joycon there has been analog drift. I looked up fixes for this online a few days ago and was surprised to see youtube videos with hundreds of thousands of views and reddit posts with tens of thousands of upvotes. It seems like it's a pretty common problem so i'm curious to hear if anyone else is experiencing this.

I did have this issue earlier in the year with the FF7 release, PISSED ME OFF!!!!!! :D
Especially considering FF7 was a D-pad game, not an analog game, but they set run controls to ONLY work on analog - which is silly considering the FF7 only has 8 directional movement; super awkward with analog sticks.

The way to fix it is simple and non-invasive (no unscrewing and risky crap like what needed to be done on N64 controllers that had loose analog sticks).


What you need: cotton swabs and cleaning alcohol. This stuff is dirt cheap and available all over the place.

1. Look at the analog stick and notice that there is a bit of rubber covering the top of the ball.
2. Take a swab, dip it in the alcohol, and use it to push back the rubber covering, and circle around the analog stick about 15-25 times, being thorough. 3. Load up a game and see if it is still occurring, if it is, even a bit, repeat step 2.

It's been months now, and I haven't had issues since.
It probably helps my kids have their own Switches now.

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