jason1637 said:
super_etecoon said:

Not very long, to be honest.  Maybe a month, and I'm not using them like I was when I was playing BotW or Mario Odyssey.  In fact, I still use my Pro to play Rocket League because I trust it more.  I really love the concept of the joycons, the same as I did with the Wii/nunchuck.  It's a bummer that since day one we've had this problematic aspect of the design.

After reading your earlier post I tried this. The joycon is still drifting but it's way less noticeable and its useable now. Hopefully it says like this.

Hopefully you also tried recalibrating after the fix.  If it helped a bit you might try the same cleaning method again and see if it fixes it completely. Also, maybe share your results in the OP so new people coming in to the thread can try this pretty easy fix.  It was a life saver to me, that's for sure.