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super_etecoon said:

RROD and Faulty Game Damaging Disk Drives helped the 360 and PS2 numbers respectively.  When people love a product, or a woman, or a movie, or whatever, they accept faults and limitations because their love overrides these obvious negatives.  Every console has had its share of pros and cons...and in this case at least we can just use a Pro Controller rather than purchase a brand new system 3 or 4 times.

Can we please stop saying this about the Pro Controller? It's been beat to death in this thread that the Pro Controller is this shining beacon of non-drifting bliss... it isn't true. I have one and it drifts. Mostly every Splatoon player or Smash player who uses the Pro has drifting on theirs, too, and there are loads of videos and tutorials around of how to fix it or whatever, just like there are for the Joy-Con. It's a Switch issue, not a Joy-Con one.

man oh man, you’re always so feisty.

no problems at all with my pro controller. Wasnt’t aware there were any. Thanks for the well meaning information.

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