super_etecoon said:
mZuzek said:

How long has it been since then?

I'm opening up my Pro controller right now lol. Wanna get myself familiarized with this whole fixing/cleaning controllers thing, as it seems like a meta thing to do for as long as the Switch is around.

Not very long, to be honest.  Maybe a month, and I'm not using them like I was when I was playing BotW or Mario Odyssey.  In fact, I still use my Pro to play Rocket League because I trust it more.  I really love the concept of the joycons, the same as I did with the Wii/nunchuck.  It's a bummer that since day one we've had this problematic aspect of the design.

After reading your earlier post I tried this. The joycon is still drifting but it's way less noticeable and its useable now. Hopefully it says like this.