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jason1637 said:

I have 3 different pairs of joycons. The blue/red, pink/green and yellow/yellow and for all of these on the left joycon there has been analog drift. I looked up fixes for this online a few days ago and was surprised to see youtube videos with hundreds of thousands of views and reddit posts with tens of thousands of upvotes. It seems like it's a pretty common problem so i'm curious to hear if anyone else is experiencing this.

I did have this issue earlier in the year with the FF7 release, PISSED ME OFF!!!!!! :D
Especially considering FF7 was a D-pad game, not an analog game, but they set run controls to ONLY work on analog - which is silly considering the FF7 only has 8 directional movement; super awkward with analog sticks.

The way to fix it is simple and non-invasive (no unscrewing and risky crap like what needed to be done on N64 controllers that had loose analog sticks).


What you need: cotton swabs and cleaning alcohol. This stuff is dirt cheap and available all over the place.

1. Look at the analog stick and notice that there is a bit of rubber covering the top of the ball.
2. Take a swab, dip it in the alcohol, and use it to push back the rubber covering, and circle around the analog stick about 15-25 times, being thorough. 3. Load up a game and see if it is still occurring, if it is, even a bit, repeat step 2.

It's been months now, and I haven't had issues since.
It probably helps my kids have their own Switches now.

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