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I don't know if this ever posted in this forum before, but this is worth to watch. 

I still remember when i was kid i've  watched Kimba the white Lion even before Lion King was a thing . Now i remember and now everything make sense. Lion king is the Power Ranger of Super Sentai of cartoon, the difference is Disney  claim it was using their own original stories and concept LOL. Poor Tezuka.

Of course this just my opinion using the video and my knowledge as source, if anyone disagree they can comment. 

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I thought it was a pretty known issue already or I guess maybe not so much in the States ... Anywoo Disney until the more recent decades have mostly based their works upon others original litterature.

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Tezuka copied Disney for his traces, and Disney copied.

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I thought this was a well known fact.

It is a well known fact. Hardly any of Disney's movies were original content.

And I will have to criticize the video.  The video clearly states that the Lion King was "heavily marketed" as an original story, yet absolutely no evidence was produced to substantiate that claim.  I don't recall Lion King being billed as an original story, perhaps it was, I won't pretend to be a Disney historian.  I'll just say, anybody who makes a claim ought to substantiate said claim.  A claim with no evidence is an opinion.

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I always thought it was Disney's loose take on Hamlet.


That's the case for basically every old Disney movie success.

The similarities between The Lion King and Kimba have always struck me as rather superficial. There's really not much the two have in common in terms of narrative. In truth, Disney was plagiarizing itself. Please name me the movie that has the following structure:

1. The movie opens with animals rushing to see their first glimpse of the young prince. His father looks on.
2. The first several scenes are spent in youth of the main character, playing and being a carefree child.
3. Has a childhood friend who is a girl who likes to tease him. The two engage in play fighting.
4. While playing with that girl one day, the main character finds himself in danger. His father rescues him and the main character learns a bit about his destiny and life's dangers.
5. The main character's parent dies violently at the hands of the villain.
6. The main characters leaves his home. Childhood is over.
7. Flash forward, the main character is grown up and returns home after a long absence.
8. The main character meets his childhood friend again and they fall in love.
9. In the climactic battle, the villain again endangers the main character. The villain's canine minions attack.
10. The whole habitat is ablaze. The main character is wounded and almost gives up but finds away to continue and survives.
11. The habitat is renewed by time.
12. The final scene is a near replica of the first. The animals are again rushing to see their first glimpse of the newborn royalty. Now the main character plays the role of the father looking on as the theme of life's cyclical nature continues.

13. Includes a rabbit named Thumper.

The Lion King isn't Kimba. Almost beat for beat, it's narrative structure is completely Bambi. The only major innovation is swapping out the intangible horror of humans as the villains for Scar's ambition (famously said by Disney to be inspired by Hamlet).

Kimba, ironically, is all about playing up the one major aspect of Bambi that The Lion King did not touch. That being the relationship between man and animal as their habitat is encroached upon. Then there's stuff about communication and learning to appreciate each other's culture bringing about mutual peace and all sorts of other messages that don't mesh in the slightest with The Lion King.

So, in total, the Kimba controversy is pretty much garbage. Maybe Disney swiped a few ideas here and there from Kimba, but the lion's share of the movie is Disney going into it own vault and remaking one of their classics without telling anyone that's what they were doing.

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Dude, just about all of Disney's big and famous movies were based on other works and stories.
The Lion King
The Little Mermaid

Just to name a few.

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I knew this since the late 90s