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Forums - Movies Discussion - The "Original Story" - The Kimba VS Simba Controversy, Disney The Lying King

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How do you feel with these

I feel betrayed 1 3.23%
My Childhood is a lie 1 3.23%
Disney is worst and Evil 7 22.58%
Murica 0 0%
I don't care i support plagiarisme 3 9.68%
LOL you are late to the party 19 61.29%

I don't know if this ever posted in this forum before, but this is worth to watch. 

I still remember when i was kid i've  watched Kimba the white Lion even before Lion King was a thing . Now i remember and now everything make sense. Lion king is the Power Ranger of Super Sentai of cartoon, the difference is Disney  claim it was using their own original stories and concept LOL. Poor Tezuka.

Of course this just my opinion using the video and my knowledge as source, if anyone disagree they can comment. 

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I thought it was a pretty known issue already or I guess maybe not so much in the States ... Anywoo Disney until the more recent decades have mostly based their works upon others original litterature.

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Tezuka copied Disney for his traces, and Disney copied.

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I thought this was a well known fact.

It is a well known fact. Hardly any of Disney's movies were original content.

And I will have to criticize the video.  The video clearly states that the Lion King was "heavily marketed" as an original story, yet absolutely no evidence was produced to substantiate that claim.  I don't recall Lion King being billed as an original story, perhaps it was, I won't pretend to be a Disney historian.  I'll just say, anybody who makes a claim ought to substantiate said claim.  A claim with no evidence is an opinion.

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I always thought it was Disney's loose take on Hamlet.


That's the case for basically every old Disney movie success.

Dude, just about all of Disney's big and famous movies were based on other works and stories.
The Lion King
The Little Mermaid

Just to name a few.

I knew this since the late 90s

Watch for yourself. I find the video at the start to be dishonest as fuck. The story bears absolutely no similarity that I can see to the Lion King except that they feature African animals. That's like, literally it. Maybe there's more similarities in the anime (but based on plot synopsis it doesn't seem like it) but I'm not going to watch all that since the movie kinda sucked.