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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ok, E3 presentations are over. Who won?


Who won E3 2019?

EA 2 0.75%
Microsoft 19 7.17%
PC Gaming show 1 0.38%
Bethesda 4 1.51%
Square Enix 45 16.98%
Ubisoft 5 1.89%
Limited Run 0 0%
Devolver Digital 4 1.51%
Nintendo 173 65.28%
Other 12 4.53%

All the major players had their strengths and weakness. While Nintendo is pumping out new content/games for the console, for third parties its still a mostly portstation and somewhat delaystation (old PS4 namesakes) console. Its great to see BOTW2 revealed.

Square Enix's games (from the Japanese division not Edios) was stellar as well, they are taking their backlog and finally giving the western presence they deserve. Dragon Quest XI S looks great (hopefully there is some PS4 consideration) FF7R is living up to all the type and time allowed to it, just an overall good showing.

Microsoft vision was cool but the CGI heavy reveal of their games was a definite turnoff

Sony not being there is a negative, but after the other conferences, the backlash won't be severe (if at all).

Nintendo>Square Enix>>>>>>>Microsoft>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>others

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Strange e3, everything was awful until against all odds Square Enix stole the show and then Nintendo ends with a bang.
To me Nintendo won followed by square.
I feel sad banjo was just smash dlc as soon as a saw him I though we were getting a donkey Kong banjo cross over game, but who knows maybe in the future.

Nintendo. I am not easy on them, and even so it was a solid 9/10 IMO. It was a mediocre E3, and MS blew their chance, but Nintendo managed to hit it out of the park IMO.

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I liked Nintendo's E3 a lot.

Nintendo>Square>MS>the rest

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mZuzek said:
Bandorr said:

Indeed it is my fault for actually getting my hope up.  A guy can dream though. I just found it odd they did two separate Smash announcements. So after one I didn't expect another.

I'm kinda glad they did, because some Dragon Quest guy called "The Hero" was as lame a reveal as it could get.

The problem with free named heroes. If Skyrim is next included in Smash, what do we get? The Dragonborn? And how does he or she look?

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Square 7/10
Nintendo 6/10
Microsoft & Bethesda 4/10
Ubisoft -3/10

Nintendo won by far

DonFerrari said:
Since Sony not showing makes me not watch E3 then Sony won =p

Well there were a number of great games coming to PS4 and Sony is getting FF7 remake exclusively (for now?) so it's possible for some that Sony won E3 inadvertently lol.

I personally felt that Square won.  Because technically they're bringing FF7 remake, FF8 remaster, Avengers, DQ11S and the Mana Collection/Trials of Mana remake.

@Oneeee-Chan!!! My guess is Jason.