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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ok, E3 presentations are over. Who won?


Who won E3 2019?

EA 2 0.75%
Microsoft 19 7.17%
PC Gaming show 1 0.38%
Bethesda 4 1.51%
Square Enix 45 16.98%
Ubisoft 5 1.89%
Limited Run 0 0%
Devolver Digital 4 1.51%
Nintendo 173 65.28%
Other 12 4.53%

Nintendo, because that's the only one I watched. Their presentation was pretty weak though.

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Bristow9091 said:
Amnesia said:
They destroyed it.
Seiken 3 remake, I will buy a Switch.

It's also releasing on PS4 and PC lol

Yes I know, but I am not interested by other consoles, so my temptation was pending for a Switch only.

Nintendo, then SE.

Edit - although the absence of Metroid Prime is disappointing.






That was an easy Nintendo win, even they didn't do that much for me.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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mZuzek said:
I'm not as hyped as most people seem to be over Nintendo's presentation, but, whatever I'll give them the vote anyway.

Me neither, personally just don't care about most of the reveals, NMH2, Smash DLC etc. Luigi's Mansion looks good, Animal Crossing looks amazing but delay takes the edge off. Don't think there was a single new game I care about, don't really count the BOTW sequel because knew it was coming, and being told it's coming doesn't change anything.

Been an OK e3.

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Square for me, with Nintendo as close second.

Nintendo and SE were close, but the last announcement by Nintendo pulled them ahead for me. I am liking the battle system of FF7 Remake though, and hope it shows up in future FF games.

I really liked MS but Nintendo is a close second. I gave MS a 9, Nintendo a 8.5, Ubisoft a 8, Square a 7.5, and Bethesda a 5.

Well, considering the games I wanna play the most are Watch Dogs 3, Gods & Monsters and Ghost recon: Quarantine, I would say Ubisoft won for me.

Bristow9091 said:
Amnesia said:

Yes I know, but I am not interested by other consoles, so my temptation was pending for a Switch only.

What console do you currently use then? I assumed you'd have had a PS4 or PC, meaning you wouldn't need to buy a whole new console for one game, lol.

I have played Breath of the Wild on my Wii U in 2017, and later this year I have played some GBA for Children of Mana.

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