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Warren or Harris as Biden's VP? The million dollar question still remains.

I'd still prefer the latter, but after the pathetic primaries thread we've had a few months ago, the former would warrant me some good laughs.

There reporting that Biden actually has four leading prospects.  The 2 you named Warren and Harris but also Val Demings and Keisha Lance Bottoms.

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coolbeans said:

Worth careful consideration: mail-in ballots/election.

1 in 5 Ballots Rejected as Fraud Is Charged in NJ Main-In Election


Woah, that is quite a lot. If we are allowed to do mass protest, I believe we should be able to take ten minutes to walk into a voting booth and vote.

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For those interested to know what the green party stands for, here's a nice (if quite long) interview with their presumptive nominee Howie Hawkins:


Russia's denying that Putin's paying bounties to Afghan millitants to kill American troops. Wouldn't put it past him to actually do that anyway, just like I'm not surprised that Trump is Putin's secret lover.

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coolbeans said:

Worth careful consideration: mail-in ballots/election.

1 in 5 Ballots Rejected as Fraud Is Charged in NJ Main-In Election


Woah, that is quite a lot. If we are allowed to do mass protest, I believe we should be able to take ten minutes to walk into a voting booth and vote.

Points made in the article:

Communal apartment mailboxes facilitated ballot harvesting. This is obviously a flaw, but now that it is known a workaround can be implemented to ensure ballot security. Also, the proportion of apartments organized this way should be figured out to determine the problem's scope.

In many apartments with individual mailboxes, the ballots were left the lobby in a bag and never properly delivered to the mailboxes. This seems like the result of a careless, lazy, or overworked postal worker that could not be foreseen by election officials. The post office must implement better training.

19% of ballots in Paterson, the state's third-largest city, and almost 10% statewide were rejected because their signatures did not match those on file. If those were fraudulent ballots, great, the security measures worked. But not all municipalities hire actual handwriting experts, so some of these might have been legitimate votes.

Bundles of dozens of filled ballots were found in individual mailboxes, including in the wrong city. The article indicates certain campaigns or candidates were conducting these fraud schemes, but four people have been charged and the bundled votes thrown out, so the security measures seem to have worked--at least after the fact.

The US Attorney, New Jersey FBI branch, and state Attorney General did not indicate if investigatons were underway, while Governor Murphy (D) said "It is too early to give a full answer." WTF is taking so long? I hope it's just the "no comment on possible/ongoing investigations" type of thing.

Some info sourced from these articles linked from RealClearPolitics:



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In any case, if absentee ballots are so easy to fake, how did the Dems lose the recent special election in California for one of the seats they flipped in 2018 when every registered voter was sent a ballot in the mail? And why does the Texas GOP allow absentees for voters 65+ (and nobody else) if that makes the vote of their most loyal demographic easier to steal?

And re: 10-minute lines to vote...In Georgia's primary earlier in the month, the wait time in the most populated areas was three to five hours. And in Kentucky, voters waited half an hour just to park and THEN had to wait at least an hour in line in the largest county's only polling place. The equivalent of 18 normal polling places, to be sure (it was located in the convention center), but when there are usually dozens of them, some people will trade in their right to vote if the alternative is to stand in line for hours and risk catching a deadly disease.

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*sigh* Y'all know voter fraud really isn't a thing, right?


I know none of you are going to watch it, but just hearing how much effort needs to be put into fraudulently voting via mail vs the potential repercussions is just absurd. Nobody's going to put that much effort into fraudulently voting while risking criminal charges for a single goddamn vote. IT'd take less effort to just convince your brother to vote with you or something.

The conspiracies some of you resort to are hysterically stupid. Seriously. I do not understand how much effort people will put into trying to devalue the stances of others or justify their own ignorance. Just do some damn research, people. Checks and balances. Logic. Reason. this is why I have come to hate so much about politics. If people put a fraction of the effort they put into political warfare into stuff like actually helping veterans or children or the underprivileged, the world would be a monumentally better place. As it stands, so many of you are just so, so sad.

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Little bit of good news for a change pt 2.


Are the US still a democracy or has it devolved into something else?


Runa216 said:
Machiavellian said:

None of that stuff matter because the people that support Trump believe just as strong as you disbelieve he is doing a great job and that he is what the nation has needs.  I have a a bunch of Trump supporters who I know and see their post on Facebook all the time.  I have questioned them on these very subject and they have dismissed them all. They believe its the media fault that concentrate on all his negatives but never his positives.  They actually seem to blame everyone but Trump for anything which is a special gift he must have.  If only Eric was still around to bounce some stuff off and get one of those crazy analogies.

Care to tell us some positives? Because in 4 years I've been asking for an example and haven't gotten any real answers that weren't falsehoods, logical fallacies, or outright boasting about bad things he did. The fact that you're willing to excuse all these provably bad behaviours in order to continue to support him shows a lot about what you value and I sincerely hope you'll grow out of it or you'll be shown to be the minority and not have any real political sway in the future. 

Lol, this must be the first time you have read a post of mine concerning President Trump.  I will oblige you and give you the positives that Trump supporters see in the President.  First is that he actually have tried to accomplish the things he campaign for even the most stupid, prejudice or immature.  If you notice, Trump continue to do and say things that target his political base.  He went after China, appears to go after the media and dems.  Appointed conservative judges, Tax cuts.  Has made statements and give the appearance of US first.  There are a host of other stuff but I do not want to go that far into the little things.  The key point is people see what they want to see and Trump is pretty good at getting to the base level for his supporters and detractors.  You view his behavior as bad but the people who support Trump see it as owning the Dems/liberals.  President Trump is what you consider a feedback bump from 8 years of Obama.  White America could really only take such a jump to a minority President for so long before the feedback kicked in.  Then running against a woman who was already soften by GOP interest gave us Trump.  His brand could only stand but so long before the covers are pulled away and his true self which I might add was never hidden was completely expose.  While Trump base is pretty loyal they really do not make up enough Americans to win a second term but who knows, just like any sport, an upset definitely can happen and this case happen twice.  Bidden definitely isn't a strong candidate but he doesn't have all the baggage as Hillary has so it should be interesting.  It also would be interesting if the Polls keep showing Bidden with a blowout advantage if Trump continues or find someway to bow out as his ego really cannot take a crushing loss.