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Really should've just stuck to animation

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Might as well put Ugandan Knuckles in the movie

The face actually doesn't bother me, it's that body is just wrong. It has too human proportions, and what's up with his gloves being white fur? So he can wear Nikes, but we draw the line at gloves? That's too much? You could probably fix it in photoshop, just change the torso proportions, maybe make his feet bigger, and add some damn white gloves and we're all good.

Can they just stop trying to "make" improvments to sonics design?

like wtf is up with that monster's Eyes? Nose? Arms/Legs?
Why is his belly white fur instead of open? Why did they redo his shoes? Why isnt he wearing gloves anymore? but has white furr hands?

This looks so horrible..... why not just give us a normal 3D model done quick and cheap with cel-shadeing?
Screw it why even do a movie? Just do another Sonic thats like "Lost World" or the classic 2D ones.

Why make a Sonic movie when the main character doesn't even look like Sonic...?

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Would it have been too difficult to use his usual design? lol

Holy chowder! I saw one pic on imgur last night with no context and assumed the Sanic meme was undergoing some new evolution...

I am looking forward to a reaction from AVGN.

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Worthy of Sanic memes.
And it's an actual design, not a joke.

That's a lab experiment gone wrong.

I actually don't mind the head too much, the rest is fucking dreadful though!