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Forums - General Discussion - Which Internet Browser Do You Use the Most?


Which Internet Browser Do You Use the Most?

Chrome 889 54.31%
Firefox 397 24.25%
Internet Explorer 40 2.44%
Edge 71 4.34%
Opera 78 4.76%
Safari 118 7.21%
UC Browser 3 0.18%
Other 41 2.50%


Been using it for a very long time now.

And Safari on Apple devices like my phone, tablet and laptop. I don’t really like Chrome and IE feels archaic.

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It doesn't eat my RAM up.



Chrome and Firefox. On Chrome i use to make almost everything, on Firefox I just use to see my second twitter and my facebook (in the case I just have one facebook account). 

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Chrome, all the way!

Been using Firefox since 2004.

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Machina said:
morenoingrato said:
This "poll result" feature is pretty neat. It highlighted I chose Firefox 9 years ago.

Nowadays it is Chrome.

Same on all counts. I assume we can thank @TalonMan for the poll result feature.

The idea was suggested by @super_etecoon in the web dev thread - I thought it was a neat idea and implemented. That said, if you're just looking at Machina's initial post (with the Firefox poll result in 'red'), then you're only seeing Machina's original poll response since he just copy/pasted the results to this thread.

You'd need to go to the actual original poll thread that's listed in the OP, to see what you had voted back then...    ...that is, of course, if you were here 9yrs ago and voted in the first place. 


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i used to use Firefox on PC but after some problems in my laptop, i switch to chrome and having the history and tabs synced between my phone and PC is very useful...

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I was exclusively using the PS4 and PS Vita browsers up until the 2nd half of 2018. As support for those is starting to drop rapidly, I ended up moving to XBO X for the 2nd half of 2018.

Now in 2019, I have broke down and bought a PC and Smartphone. I am using Firefox, and sometimes Edge on both. Havn't really touched the Consoles or the Vita since I got the PC and Smartphone.

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