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Forums - General Discussion - Which Internet Browser Do You Use the Most?


Which Internet Browser Do You Use the Most?

Chrome 889 54.31%
Firefox 397 24.25%
Internet Explorer 40 2.44%
Edge 71 4.34%
Opera 78 4.76%
Safari 118 7.21%
UC Browser 3 0.18%
Other 41 2.50%

Ummmm. Baidu anyone?

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I use Opera. I have Chrome too, but barely touch it.

I'm sure I'm in the minority but I've been using Edge a lot lately.

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Firefox on all devices these days: PC/Mac/iPhone. Was using Chrome on desktops and Safari on iPhone before but decided to switch to Firefox entirely.

P.S. Looking at the poll results I can understand Microsoft's decision to drop EdgeHTML engine. Sadly, only Chromium and Gecko are relevant these days and it seems that there isn't that much sense to put a lot of efforts in supporting the engine with such low marketshare and bring additional pain to web developers. I just wish they chose Gecko instead of Chromium in order to support free internet. I don't want Google to monopolize web market and dictate web standards as they see fit,

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Vivaldi on PC, Chrome on mobile. If I ever were to roll back on Vivaldi, I'd probably go for Firefox instead of Chrome (memory-hogging bastard).

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Mostly Opera, but some sites have problems with it, so I use Chrome for those (and on my phone)

Sadly, I prefered when Opera had their own engline, as I consider the switch to Chromium a severe drawback; all those functions that went missing

Chrome on my phone, Firefox on my work.
Use a lot more internet on my phone than on work, so Chrome it is.
Chrome domination as expected too.

d21lewis said:
I'm sure I'm in the minority but I've been using Edge a lot lately.

Same here. 

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I prefer FireFox.

Chrome on my everything except my gaming PC.

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