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Forums - General Discussion - Which Internet Browser Do You Use the Most?


Which Internet Browser Do You Use the Most?

Chrome 889 54.31%
Firefox 397 24.25%
Internet Explorer 40 2.44%
Edge 71 4.34%
Opera 78 4.76%
Safari 118 7.21%
UC Browser 3 0.18%
Other 41 2.50%
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
I don't see "Incognito" in the options. That one's my favorite.

I'm sure for about 5-10 minutes each day a lot of users turn to the good private. Sir yes Sir.... I actually got lazy on my phone and googled Xhamster in regular browsing just so in private mode I now just need to type X... there's being careful.... and there is a 1 in 24 chance people won't start a google search on my phone with X.... probable far less given how rarely X is used... less again considering I don't let my phone out of my hands unless it's locked and getting my PW wrong a handful of times wipes the device lol.

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Started out with Internet Exployer long ago like most people i think?
Went to firefox from that and now browsing on chrome for some years now but it is kind of creepy how much data they collect and use to show adds.


SvennoJ said:
Firefox mostly. Google knows enough about me already :p
I use Chrome for Imgur since for some reason gifs won't upload there correctly with Firefox.

did you know about this regarding google knowing things about us... it's fairly nuts, but how a phone will only react when it hears a phrase like "okay google" but all the other voice it listens to as well and basically when you install apps on the phone they can trigger different reactions to different conversations they listen in on, it's fairly scary but sadly it's the price of technology, we are now walking around with a device collecting advertising data for companies which is worth way too much to pass up on.


With this in mind, I decided to try an experiment. Twice a day for five days, I tried saying a bunch of phrases that could theoretically be used as triggers. Phrases like I’m thinking about going back to uni and I need some cheap shirts for work. Then I carefully monitored the sponsored posts on Facebook for any changes.

I'd never seen this ad for "quality clothing" until I told my phone I needed shirts

The changes came literally overnight. Suddenly I was being told mid-semester courses at various universities, and how certain brands were offering cheap clothing. A private conversation with a friend about how I’d run out of data led to an ad about cheap 20 GB data plans. And although they were all good deals, the whole thing was eye-opening and utterly terrifying."


Try it yourself, me and a buddy were talking about various cars we loved the designs of and then when he went to his phone the adverts in facebook were telling him about the local Audi dealership, very much hadn't googled any of the cars we were just having a conversation about them, his phone just decided it would see if he wanted to splash out on what he was talking about.

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Firefox mostly, sometimes Chrome for a few sites (it loads images more quickly).

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I always used Chrome but changed to Firefox a year or two ago. Seems like most people did the opposite.

morenoingrato said:
This "poll result" feature is pretty neat. It highlighted I chose Firefox 9 years ago.

Nowadays it is Chrome.

Same on all counts. I assume we can thank @TalonMan for the poll result feature.

I use Chrome

Technically Opera since I still use the Wii U browser a lot.

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