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Fire Emblem has been one of my favorite video game series for more than half of my life. The first FE game I played was Fire Emblem the Binding Blade (simply titled Fire Emblem in the US). I've played every FE game that's released stateside and adore almost all of them (wasn't a fan of Fates, Shadow Dragon remake on DS was only ok imo).

And after watching the Nintendo Direct, the only thought in my mind was........meh.

I don't really understand why either. What I saw of the game just feels, off. Maybe the showcase was just lacking, but I just felt nothing watching it, which has never happened to me with the series.

My question is, what were your thoughts on the FE section of the Direct? I'm I just the odd one out, or are there others who feel indifferent or even dislike what was showcased?

I still plan to purchase the game and try it out, but I don't have any specific hopes now.

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I just wanna know why Palutena is in the game.

The game is getting a mixed reception. They marketed the game in the direct really badly. I am not surprised that people are underwhelmed by it.

From what I am seeing the gameplay seems to be an improvement over Fates (Which was also amazing). It is the content I am more worried about. Fates had a lackluster story with lackluster lore with a lot of hit and miss characters. If it wasn't for the gameplay that game probably would have been a lot worse. Three Houses ' s content is just a big question mark. I have no idea what the story is or how the characters are like. So, for now, I have no reason to be hyped other than it being Fire Emblem.

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Nah it isn't just you, the game looks really boring.

I know that there's a big divide between old and new fans of the franchise but even as a new fan I felt this way.

I said when it was originally set for 2018 that it alone would make the year better than 2017. Meanwhile both trailers have been so mediocre that I just don't feel very hyped for the game. I think when it gets it's own direct I will probably turn around on it and get hyped again though.

Feel the same way, nothing really grabbed me through the trailer, also feel the overall character design is somewhat, soulless and generic.

I'll probably skip this one, besides the great gameplay experience that was Conquest and to an extent Revelation, I haven't really felt much if any passion for FE anymore.

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Mixed feelings too.
There is something strange. Maybe It seems too serious, idk.
But I'm not feeling the hype.
I have to play first to judge, but not my priority.
Even Dragon Quest Xi hyped me more, and I never played any dq before.

I thought it looked quite nice, I've only played one other FE game before though. Gave me a sort of Suikoden vibe.

I like how we are the Sensei in the game. And the Battle Animation+ Cutscenes looks really great.
But it needs more colour. Hopefully when the students upgrades to the higher classes thet will get some cool armor/costumes.

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I don't know why they're setting this up as a professor simulator. With mild emphasis on combat and plot. This entire game has been rubbing me the wrong way. But I'll give it a fair shake when it's out. The game isn't visually looking too hot in battle scenes either. I'd boil it down to growing pains from 3DS to Wii U but this is Intelligent Systems...the same ones who did Paper Mario Color Splash which had no reason looking as great as it did on Wii U. I guess it can only go up from here.

Game is graphically pretty bad, but I'm glad that they're getting a bit creative with some of the new mechanics. Will definitely still get it.

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