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Fire Emblem has been one of my favorite video game series for more than half of my life. The first FE game I played was Fire Emblem the Binding Blade (simply titled Fire Emblem in the US). I've played every FE game that's released stateside and adore almost all of them (wasn't a fan of Fates, Shadow Dragon remake on DS was only ok imo).

And after watching the Nintendo Direct, the only thought in my mind was........meh.

I don't really understand why either. What I saw of the game just feels, off. Maybe the showcase was just lacking, but I just felt nothing watching it, which has never happened to me with the series.

My question is, what were your thoughts on the FE section of the Direct? I'm I just the odd one out, or are there others who feel indifferent or even dislike what was showcased?

I still plan to purchase the game and try it out, but I don't have any specific hopes now.