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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How Crash Team Racing beat Mario Kart at its own game

As a kid a played a lot of both. I personally owned a PS1 and CTR while a friend of mine had an N64 with Kart 64.

If I have to draw an honest comparison beetween the two, I'd say CTR stands out for better overall track design, more content and the single player campaign.
Both games had a great driving system and, while CTR is more balanced and polished, MK64 has a longer and steeper learning curve and for that reason is more fun overall for high skilled players.
NK64 stands out also for the item system (the best in the series so far) and for the battle mode (in a league of its own).

Overall I'd say CTR is the most polished and comprehensive game, but MK64 is still the most durable game for local multiplayer (in fact I eneded up playing it with my friends longer than CTR).

That said, MK has evolved a lot since then. So while I agree CTR is a great game and beats MK64 on many levels, the MK series has a whole is definetly superior. It's not even debatable for me.

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Im going to have to say no. Maybe at one point this argument had some legs to stand on, but not today. Even going back to MK Wii, the controls for that game were super precise and opened up a vast online community, which exists even still today due to modding. the tight controls mixed with admittedly poorly constructed tracks mean that there are a ton of frame precise shortcuts and corner cuts to master. skip forward to MK8 DX, the course design and detail is so beautiful that i am still blown away by its beauty. these tracks are just a joy to look at. not to mention they really nailed the mechanics this time. track customizations make it so you could have a really floaty car, or a great offroad car, and be able to find something perfect that works for you. for me, i sacrifice handling for speed, and make up for it by drifting for as long as possible so theres more time to balance out the turn radius on offroad courses. and if you think a 'rookie' is going to have an easy time here, you have never played online.

ctr will always be the greatest racer ever

Dr.Vita said:
It's funny how all the Nintendo people in this community try to judge CTR even though they didn't play (or barely played) this masterpiece.

It's outclassed the last two decades of Kart Racers in every way except visuals and online multiplayer for obvious reasons.

-Full single player campaign with story, cutscenes, and 5 full Hub worlds, Hub Bosses, as well as earnable Trophies/Relics/CTR Token/Gems amongst the hubs/bosses/tracks.
-Varied tracks that reward high skill
-The music is some of the best in the genre
-Extremely balanced roster between light/fast, medium/average, and heavy/strong racers
-Rewarding slide boost mechanic
-Item roster is extremely fair and well-balanced, with the added risk/reward strategy of enhancing all items with the Wumpa fruit system
-Battle/Tournament/Arcade/VS/Time Trial/Adventure modes, up to 4 players

It's a dense, well balanced kart racer, and just damn fun. Sonic All Stars and Mario Karts have come close or done better in some ways, but not the way CTR fired on all cylinders. If it weren't for it's technical age, it would be lapping all other racers out there even today. With this remake (if they nail the controls/online and balancing) it finally has the chance.

Agree, nothing can come close to this masterpiece. It is the absolute best to Sony fans

contestgamer said:
Miyamotoo said:

Not even close:

-PS1: Crash Bandicoot and Crash Bandicoot Racing

-PS2: Jak and Daxter, Jak X: Combat Racing

-PS3: Uncharted and Last of Us

-PS4: Uncharted and Last of US


Now try to compare that with Rare just on N64 platform:

-Killer Instinct Gold

-Blast Corps

-GoldenEye 007


-Diddy Kong Racing

-Jet Force Gemini

-Donkey Kong 64

-Conker's Bad Fur Day

-Perfect Dark

-Mickey's Speedway

Rare just on N64 have more diverse games than Naughty Dog last 4 generations combined.


But what I find very impressive about Naughty Dog is they went from Crash Bandicoot to Last of US.

I agree that RARE was better, but a lot of the games you listed werent that good. BK, BT, 007, PD, CBFD and DKR are their god tier games for the system. The rest are forgettable.

Ahem, "diverse developer "

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I can see CTR selling 20 Million+ on all platforms if it has online. Has this been confirmed?

Saying that with rainbow road in mind i can easily say what bullshit is this

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PotentHerbs said:
I can see CTR selling 20 Million+ on all platforms if it has online. Has this been confirmed?

In-regards to the thread, even then that would be too little too late. Mario Kart 8 will have already sold 20+ Million on all platforms before it's even released. Currently it's sales are at 19.94 million as of September 30th 2018.

But to answer your question, yes it will have online.

I grew up on crash as a kid so I'm partial to the franchise over Mario Kart.

At the time, I much preferred Diddy Kong Racing to Mario Kart, so I totally get why some prefer Crash Team Racing.

To me, CTR is not as varied or inventive as DKC, or the latest Mario Kart, but it certainly holds it own, where so many wannabes have fallen by the wayside over the years.