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Forums - Gaming Discussion - EA/DICE mocks critics of BFV at launch party

EA is just one of those companies that just will never learn

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Norwegian saboteurs did their part to destroy heavy water that the Nazis were producing for nuclear weapons. This game removes the brave males many who died and lost limbs to inset 2 women. So I think dice are history challenged.

mhsillen said:
Norwegian saboteurs did their part to destroy heavy water that the Nazis were producing for nuclear weapons. This game removes the brave males many who died and lost limbs to inset 2 women. So I think dice are history challenged.

We want to tell the untold stories! - DICE / EA

Apparently they mean the ones that never happened.

melbye said:

Kinda pathetic quite frankly. Couldn't be happier that their revisionist filth is failing

While I passed on the game as it looked rather bland, I don't think they ever marketed the game as historically accurate.

SecondWar said:
melbye said:

Kinda pathetic quite frankly. Couldn't be happier that their revisionist filth is failing

While I passed on the game as it looked rather bland, I don't think they ever marketed the game as historically accurate.

I would have had no problems with historical inaccuracies, for instance a wrong weapon here or there, tales that never really happened and so forth, but taking a fairly big event of the war and completely removing the heroes that fought and suffered and replacing them with a teenage supergirl is just too much for me. That is what they did with the warstory Nordlys

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Baddman said:
Faelco said:

The issue is that instead of saying that, they chose to say "If you don't like it, then you're an uneducated nazi, so don't buy our game". Their handling of the issue was way worse than the issue itself. And surprisingly, the gamers they said "don't buy our game" to, well... Didn't buy the game. Too bad it was a pretty big part of their userbase.

And this childish insulting reaction at their launch party, ignoring the result of their PR fail and choosing to keep insisting, just prove that someone should get fired. 

I agree the PR was bad but this situation still boggles my mind that people would complain over meaningless things like this(don't take this as me defending EA's bad PR but the fact it was ever a complaint to begin with.)

Imagine EA/Dice was a restaurant chain, and imagine Battlefield is their main go to item, a big juicy burger. Now if you the customer base, really like burgers, and theirs are by far the best, if they decided to change the type of meat itself, or the recipe, and those burgers tasted horrible going forward, should people not complain? If they didn't complain, you would have to assume that many would stop coming to that restaurant chain, and that franchise would then wonder what happened, and would have to go out of their way to find out it was the new meat in their burgers that people didn't like, and they just never said anything.

If you went to that restaurant with someone like one my friends in particular, or my old man, they would tell you to just shut up and eat it, it's just a burger. Should people just eat anything regardless of how it tastes to them? It's one thing if your starving and have nothing to eat and no other options, but when you have plenty, who's going to eat something gross when they could have something else that tastes better from another franchise, even if it's not the very best?

I don't think the way the fans handled BFV was wrong or in poor taste for the most part. The reason things got out of hand is because you have a tonne of customers telling the restaurant chain that their new version of the go to burger sucked and they were told to either shut up and eat it or go elsewhere, and they went elsewhere. As a business they have a choice, just like the customers do. Either they keep the new way of doing things while losing customers but hopefully gaining some new ones in the meantime, go back to the old way of doing things sooner than later and regain most of those customers, or decide to sell both and offer more choice overall.

The idea that people would be against including women or minorities for “realism” sake is stupid. It’s an action shooter where you do all sorts of unrealistic shit. Does it really matter if you do it as a man or a woman? A white dude or a black dude?

Mock away, DICE.

Errorist76 said:
KiigelHeart said:
They should have just said "Hey we wanted to give a different, fictional twist to WW2 for everyone to enjoy. Try it out it's really good!" But no..

Even if they had done that, think it would’ve changed a thing? I don’t. sJWHiStOrYmUrDeRiNgAsShOlEs !!1!11

Get off the high horse.  There has been a ton of alternate takes on WW2.  PS had an exclusive franchise based on it, Resistance.  Did people go nuts about that?  Nope.  You know why? Because they said it was an alternate history.  The problem here rests solely on EA and DICE for empty virtue signalling, and being like most virtue signalers, read: not being able to take any type of alternate view or criticism. 

A woman on the front lines wasn't even the biggest reason for the backlash.  For one, the tone seemed completely off for a BF game, which the cricket bat wielding, disabled woman being part of that.  You'll notice following trailers take a much more serious/realistic tone.  And two, which is the largest part of this, EA/DICE handled the criticism incredibly poorly.  They could have simply said that they were pursuing an alternate history for WWII and most people would have been fine with it.  Some would still not like the direction of the franchise and choose not to purchase the game, but for the most part the backlash would have died down.  Nope, instead they couldn't handle the criticism, so called their fans uneducated (this would actually describe EA/DICE if this is the way they think history went) and said not to buy it if they don't like it.  Well, those "uneducated" masses did just that.

konnichiwa said:
Jaxyfoo said:

I am torn on this debate, because I generally back equality and progression. However this whole incident is part of some crazy rewriting of history in a way which is Absolutely wrong full stop. Women fought in every capacity going further back, and in some countries did indeed have limited frontline combat in the past two wars.

Most of the key players in the second world war banned women's frontline combat. That ban has only been lifted within the last few years in most of these countries. 2016 in the UK. Women provided lots of secondary roles. Anti aircraft guns, medical care, intelligence, engineering and good support work. To celebrate that work would be fine. But to rewrite history for the sake of pilot correctness is a lie. It is more political incorrectness. I won't support falsification of the truth to reflect current values in any form. We are in the process of killing our own human knowledge base based on agendas.

They should have changed the time period of set the game in a Wolfenstein style alternative reality. There is a huge disconnect between gaming companies. There are too many using horrible practices to suit the men in suits and PR departments over the gaming fans. This has worked moderately for a few years. Now with the internet having more direct input people's lives, people are being educated how wrong these practices are. The companies who are the worst here will kill themselves instead of changing. I just hope that when we come out the other side gaming has become a nice honest environment again in every way. Sadly when these companies begin to downsize and cut loved projects, they will blame the fans for voting against bad practice by not giving them support for it. I wish mobile gaming had never become a thing, because too many of the models came from there. It is destroying gaming for traditional gamers.

But the SJW topic is just misleading.

BFV is full with issues, a small amount of maps, it feels like a downgraded game compared to other BF games. You may check Angry Joes review it helps to understand the issues with the game.

EA is just spinning the issues around.

These types of posts always fascinate me.  It's as if those who side with SJWs can't handle that they are not the majority.  So, when the backlash leading up to the release of a product has to do with SJW messages contained within said product, or being pushed by the creator of the product, and it fails, people have to try to convince themselves its failure had nothing to do with those messages.  BO4 is missing a major feature, the single-player campaign, and while its sales are down from the past entry, its nowhere near the decline that BF saw.  There's a reason for that.

Ganoncrotch said:
That's terrible shit tbh, honestly look at the stuff on that board which is being put there to mock and consider it was anything other gender and colour... if that sign read "black men, black men, black men" or anything negative towards woman there would be cries of racism from the highest powers going, but nope... can't be racist against White males, you can only be racist against poor discriminated minorities.

Depressing. My interest in all things EA declines with something like this.

To be fair, they're mocking all the negative comments directed towards their censoring of white man in the game like I talked about before in another thread.

Wasn’t the censorship thing in the beta due to the algorithm the system was using? Sure, it censored stuff like Nazi and white man, but it also censored stuff like DLC and Titanfall. It’s clearly just a borked profanity system.