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Baddman said:
gamers sure do find the stupidest things to get upset about so what if there's females in a ww2 game

Uh, breh, you’re clearly not paying attention. Much like Gamergate was actually about ethics in game journalism, this is about historical accuracy! When you watch WW2 In Color on the History Channel you’ll see all the same stuff you see in Battlefield games. Magic health regeneration, infinite ammo, toppling buildings, hundreds of respawns. But now you can do all of that as a woman! Inaccurate DICE, unrealistic!

One of my great great uncles died in WW2. I tried to replicate his death in Battlefield but it didn’t work out. I was able to take a chopper, fly it above an enemy chopper, then jump out of my chopper. Just like he did, I then pulled out some C4 while freefalling and I threw it on the enemies chopper and detonated it. I was right by the blast but was able to regen health. I then caught up to my falling chopper and got back in it. Just like my ancestor though, I jumped back in too late and couldn’t get enough lift on my chopper and it blew up on impact. However while my great uncle died and stayed dead forever, I was revived by a medic with a magic defibrillator! I walked away in game scratch free. #realism

Much like with Gamergate, these fools try to hide their issues with women behind other issues. Here it’s “historical accuracy” in a franchise that has never ever been historically accurate. Their problem is there are women and minorities, two thirds of the GOP Trifecta of Evil, the third of course being immigrants.