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EricHiggin said:
Baddman said:

I agree the PR was bad but this situation still boggles my mind that people would complain over meaningless things like this(don't take this as me defending EA's bad PR but the fact it was ever a complaint to begin with.)

Imagine EA/Dice was a restaurant chain, and imagine Battlefield is their main go to item, a big juicy burger. Now if you the customer base, really like burgers, and theirs are by far the best, if they decided to change the type of meat itself, or the recipe, and those burgers tasted horrible going forward, should people not complain? If they didn't complain, you would have to assume that many would stop coming to that restaurant chain, and that franchise would then wonder what happened, and would have to go out of their way to find out it was the new meat in their burgers that people didn't like, and they just never said anything.

If you went to that restaurant with someone like one my friends in particular, or my old man, they would tell you to just shut up and eat it, it's just a burger. Should people just eat anything regardless of how it tastes to them? It's one thing if your starving and have nothing to eat and no other options, but when you have plenty, who's going to eat something gross when they could have something else that tastes better from another franchise, even if it's not the very best?

I don't think the way the fans handled BFV was wrong or in poor taste for the most part. The reason things got out of hand is because you have a tonne of customers telling the restaurant chain that their new version of the go to burger sucked and they were told to either shut up and eat it or go elsewhere, and they went elsewhere. As a business they have a choice, just like the customers do. Either they keep the new way of doing things while losing customers but hopefully gaining some new ones in the meantime, go back to the old way of doing things sooner than later and regain most of those customers, or decide to sell both and offer more choice overall.

Very rarely have I been flabbergasted by a comment  wow is all I can say