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Forums - Gaming Discussion - EA/DICE mocks critics of BFV at launch party

Mummelmann said:
DICE, and EA by extension, desperately need some new PR consultants. For people who claim to combat marginalization, they seem awfully keen on marginalizing their own customer base. The age old technique of sweeping legitimate complaints and criticism behind troll comments and vitriolic stupidity stopped working a long time ago, their chance to rise above and focus on presenting and selling an actual, desirable entertainment product seems to have passed.

It's a shame, I've really enjoyed the BF series up until BF1, I spent countless hours at LAN meetings playing BF2, and BF 3 and 4 were among only a handful of titles I ever bothered playing online.

I even enjoyed Battlefield 1. Until I didn't.
The singleplayer was decent enough though. *stares at black ops 3*

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That's awesome!!

That's great! Screw the haters. Use their own words against them.

Please Watch/Share this video so it gets shown in Hollywood.

I am torn on this debate, because I generally back equality and progression. However this whole incident is part of some crazy rewriting of history in a way which is Absolutely wrong full stop. Women fought in every capacity going further back, and in some countries did indeed have limited frontline combat in the past two wars.

Most of the key players in the second world war banned women's frontline combat. That ban has only been lifted within the last few years in most of these countries. 2016 in the UK. Women provided lots of secondary roles. Anti aircraft guns, medical care, intelligence, engineering and good support work. To celebrate that work would be fine. But to rewrite history for the sake of pilot correctness is a lie. It is more political incorrectness. I won't support falsification of the truth to reflect current values in any form. We are in the process of killing our own human knowledge base based on agendas.

They should have changed the time period of set the game in a Wolfenstein style alternative reality. There is a huge disconnect between gaming companies. There are too many using horrible practices to suit the men in suits and PR departments over the gaming fans. This has worked moderately for a few years. Now with the internet having more direct input people's lives, people are being educated how wrong these practices are. The companies who are the worst here will kill themselves instead of changing. I just hope that when we come out the other side gaming has become a nice honest environment again in every way. Sadly when these companies begin to downsize and cut loved projects, they will blame the fans for voting against bad practice by not giving them support for it. I wish mobile gaming had never become a thing, because too many of the models came from there. It is destroying gaming for traditional gamers.

I really despise all this fake anti-SJW outrage, but this surely won’t help the situation.

BF5 is a pretty good game btw.

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Stefan.De.Machtige said:
DICE is located in Sweden if i remember correctly so i'm not surprised about this. Sweden is disappearing in their own *** it seems .

Keep that generalising shit out of here please!

Darwinianevolution said:
Well, that's just childish at this point.

Maybe they're trying to beat their ‘critics’ with their own weapons...

BFV shouldnt never be WW2 themed. Too similar to BF1 and boring because of it. WW3 themed or second cold war what is going now would have been so much more interesting. And they wouldnt get so much backclash with the chicks in ww2 game. Because now if ww3 happens chicks will be in frontlines anyway.

That certainly will work well for EA.

Waiting for when they will include transgender players on teams and give them names that aren't part of the actual team and when players complain that the there are players listed for a team the don't belong (objective evidence) they say these people are biggots that can't accept non-binary males playing on the team they cheer for.

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Errorist76 said:
Darwinianevolution said:
Well, that's just childish at this point.

Maybe they're trying to beat their ‘critics’ with their own weapons...

But by limiting the criticisms to this game to "everyone who doesn't like this game is racist/sexist" they are creating a very poor strawman. Not only this deflection of criticism is childish and blind to the valid opinion of many people, but also puts in the same boat people who just wanted a better game with the small minority of trolls who throw shit at everything to fuel the flamewars. EA should have known better, and if this kind of marketing is DICE's thing, then they should have taken responsability and stop it beforehand.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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