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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pokemon gen 8 should ditch wild battles and random encounters.

jason1637 said:

I've been playing a lot of Let's Go Pikachu and I really like the new mechanics. I even tried to play some sun this morning and after a few minutes I put it down because let's go encounters are better. The game is less of a grind and it's enjoyable this way. Also i'm actually trying to fill up my pokedex for the first time in a long time. I've seen people on twitter saying the same thing so i'm curious what yall think about this suggestion.

Yes yes yes for me! It is more enjoyable to fighting the same pokemon over and over. Or at least have an option to please everybody

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ResilientFighter said:
HintHRO said:
You casuals can play Pokemon Go and Let's Go (lowest reviewed Pokemon RPG game). Leave the real Pokemon RPGs alone.

Famitsu gave it 37/40 im sure they know more than your blind hatred about quality rpg

You mean the same people who gave Nintendogs a 40/40?

Simply_Bry said:
ResilientFighter said:

Famitsu gave it 37/40 im sure they know more than your blind hatred about quality rpg

You mean the same people who gave Nintendogs a 40/40?

You just created this new account to attack pokemon lets go and famitsu and all reviewers that gave it praise? O_o 

shikamaru317 said:
Kai_Mao said:

Well it will take 3-5 years if you’re asking for a Breath if the Wild open world and over 800 Pokemon species in HD and 3D. I don’t think Game Freak works like that.

It would be worth the wait for sure. But yeah, Gamefreak doesn't work like that, you are right about that much. As I said before, they totally lack ambition. With the kind of sales Pokemon gets they could easily afford to be more ambitious and give these games a bigger budget, but instead they give us tiny little incremental upgrades and changes each gen. And as long as their tiny little incremental upgrades keep selling 10m+ copies each, they will probably never change and do something more ambitious, like a truly AAA open world Pokemon game like I want. 

You're right about Gamefreak lacking ambition.  They have more 10m+ sellers than all the Japanese AAA publishers (excluding Nintendo) combined in the last 40 years and they still have a full-time staff of under 150.

I like that there aren't any random encounters and the new catching mechanic, but I would rather have the new mechanic be optional. I prefer battling wild Pokemon.

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Reflexively I say no, but I'll raise the possibility of keeping wild battles and dropping random encounters.

...That might work. However I would not be confident in saying that until I try out Let's some point.

The Democratic Nintendo that a paradox? I'm fond of one of the more conservative companies in the industry, but I vote Liberally and view myself that way 90% of the time?

There should be a combination of the two where there are just ordinary wild pokemon going around and when you get close to them then the let’s go way of catching sequence should occur and then there should be hostile Pokemon walking around which are marked red who are also more prone to attack you and with those a typical wild pokemon battle sequence should occur in which the player has to defeat said hostile Pokemon in order to get a chance to catch it.

This would be the most immersive and realistic approach to wild pokemon catching/battleling.

PwerlvlAmy said:
Wild battles wont go anywhere, but they need to keep being able to see pokemon on the map. Keep that mechanic going,bring back wild pokemon battles, keep motion controls in as OPTIONAL and then keep the core game play of the mainline series, so both fans of Go and mainline can play how they want

This feels like the best method imo, the Pokémon appearing on the overworld is much better than searching in grass, however get back the wild battles or at least have options.

SuperNova said:

Personally I think a mix might be nice.
Keep the traditional wild battles but also keep the catching mini game. That way you actually have some kind of skill applied to the actual catching action itself, rather then 100% rng.

The catching mechanic would get harder the more health the wild pokemon has and get easier the less health it has left. That way the player can attempt to skip the battle if they aren't interested, but they can also have the battle and increase their catch rate.

The pokemon on the overworld could go hand in had with how much 'experience' the player has with with each kind of pokemon. The first encounter with any pokemon is always random a surprising random encounter, but the more often you've encountered a pokemon (or if you cought and analyzed it), the more 'aware' you are of their ususal hangout/hiding places and that's why you can see and seek them out/ avoid them on the map.

It keeps the excitement of random encounters, bc you're amost guaranteed to see something new, but also takes the annoyance associated with them away.

It's surprisingly easy to integrate Let's Go's features with traditional play, without taking depth or complexity away and make them into awesome improvements.


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Excelent example that life aint black nor white. Hope this is the future of the series

No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

You can take the random encounters, I actually prefer Let's Go's approach there (Would like more than one Pokemon at a time to appear in battle though; like in DQ11)

The wild battles on the other hand? Keep your hands the fuck off, they're much better than the glorified minigame that are encounters in Let's Go. It is a turn-based RPG and the turn-based battles are the main gameplay component of them, stick to Let's Go for the watered down experience, leave the main games alone.

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