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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony will not be at E3 2019 for the first time!!!

So no FF7 remake at e3 then?

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OTBWY said:
Excuse me, but.. WHAT the hell is Sony doing lately? I mean, probably there is no concern and they are gearing up for PS5. But damn, this is just bad optics. At least announce something else with it. You already did away with PSX. Just bad optics.

2019 is Playstation’s 25th anniversary. I’m sure they’ll cook up something else as a replacement.

I think there is some short sighted thinking here on VG... over at resetera a few of us are thinking why this might be the case.

Early 2020 (march) launch for Ps5, why do E3, too early for talk about PS5...some negativity of course but its the end of the PS4/Xbox gen whatever MS shows wont impact this gen's sales (especially if a new console is then out by the next E3). Sony will have a show in September to talk about PS5.

No point going to E3 to talk about PS4 games that everyone already knows about, people will be people and just moan.

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Well, that's surprising, and a little disappointing.

The main thing this tells me is they're clearly shifting all main, 1st party resources towards PS5 and they're inclined to let 3rd parties take over the PS4.
Another thing this tells me is whatever they have in development is not far along enough for them to reveal as early as E3 and the content they do have to show is mostly content we've already seen in past E3s (Death Stranding, Last of Us II, etc.) so there presentation would probably be disappointing if that were the case.
Or, and this is probably most likely, between PSX, TGS, and other press announcements, Sony doesn't see E3 as a priority anymore.

With the cancellation of PlayStation experience, and E3 2019. I think it's safe to say Sony are definitely gearing up for PlayStation 5 sooner rather than later.

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Hmm... if this is true, I do hope Sony knows what they’re doing here, and this isn’t them reverting back to their arrogant phase. Many people do still pay attention to these events, and they’re an excellent place to show off road maps and future games. I

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Manlytears said:
jason1637 said:
Wow that's nuts. This probably means that most of the PS4 exclusives that don't have a release date will be launching on PS5 and will will most likely be cross gen. So death stranding, TLOU2, Ghosts of tsushima and whatever else they have.

I can't imagine where you got that conclusion from. this news only means that "playstation will not participate in E3 2019", just this! Any other deduction is just speculations or nonsenses

Well because they xancelled PSX and E3. These a big events where they could announce release dates for their upcoming games and get lots of press. Unless we get a release date at TGS i think it's fair to assume no major Sony game is coming out first half 2019(besides Days Gone) and Sonys second half is usually not full of exclusives since they let third parties get the spotlight. The PS5 is gonna come out in 2020 and it would make sense ot have these major games be cross gen.

Wait so nothing at E3 at all? A conference I can live without but to have no presence at all is strange, not even event like Nintendo?

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Errorist76 said:

Wow..if that’s true it’ll give even more fuel for possible PS5 announcements in 2019, with a spring 2019 reveal at a separate event.
What else could be the cause for this? So they won’t even have games to try out at E3?

Imho this clearly hints at a new, separate event. Most likely for PS’s 25th anniversary next year.

If PS5 were ot be announced early 2019 i think they would have an E3 show. I thin early 2020 or late 2019 is more likely.

PSX 2019, 25th anniversary of PlayStation, Announcement of PlayStation 5.