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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Metroid Prime 4 reveal hinted for Game Awards!?

That would be great! hopefully they can release it in 2019

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Makes sense honestly. Bayonetta 3 and Botw DLC was last year.

Hope so. Really excited to see it.

I think that picture was taken at E3 earlier this year.
So Geoff may have just chosen the most recent picture he has together with Reggie.
Either way, it seems fitting that they'd reveal Metroid 4 gameplay at the VGA.

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Would make the most sense for VGA as its aimed at a western audience. Last year Bayonetta 3 was announced. This year would get them a lot of buzz with Metroid

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Since Metroid is a game more for older gamers this presentation at the vga would make totally sence.

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The "Game Awards" would be more aptly named The "Shameless contrived ceremony for the purpose of advertising to the impressionable insecure bro awards"

And by "bro" I don't mean it in the sort of positive light that black people used the term back in the 80s and 90s, but in the far sadder more current understanding of the term following Derick Comedy's piss-take at the stereotype. A bro is basically the modern form of a geek; due to laziness or lack of intellect they failed as nerds; and spit out by that society, they began to admire douchebag culture and began to do all they could to associate themselves with it... but their inherent wannabe nerdiness holds them back, preventing them from attaining true douchebaghood, or even some semblance of cool.

These bros, like highly impressionable children, love to buy into this whole charade of the "game awards" which does everything it can not to shatter their fragile insecurity. It's blatant to the point where someone outside of that sub-culture might watch this event and feel like they need a stiff drink before they vomit. Even the hosts make fun of the event and the attendees, and justifiably so, and that was about the only entertaining thing about the whole presentation other than the advertisements of games - "Look at those greasy nerds go!" one of the hosts said cheering on a few very childish looking bitch-titted doughboys playing a brand new game (probably some annual AAA updated port from EA or Activision).

Luckily, the game reveals can be watched on youtube, without that depressing sit-through of a commercialized awards farce.

For the Derick Comedy reference:

Don Glover is coming for you!

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Good, but I still won't go with expectations in head for this one.

That and also, some of the awards like best RPG of the year might be the only thing I'll watch from this show seeing now that it's just another template for dumb repeated commercials (most of them).

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Miyamotoo said:

this year we talking about Metroid Prime 4 and Metroid Prime Trilogy HD.

This would be the ideal situation, yes.

I could see them showing Metroid at the game awards but I don't necessarily think this photo means anything...
Reggie wore an 8-bit Samus pin at a public event in 2014 and everybody was so certain that meant we were getting Metroid on Wii U...
I'm not setting myself up for disappointment...
If anything, I think more info on Bayonetta 3 is more likely...

Have a nice day...