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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Metroid Prime 4 reveal hinted for Game Awards!?

Like you can see Reggie is wearing Metroid shirt.


Even before this people exected that Nintendo will show Metroid Prime 4 at The Game Awards this year,

and not only that but that they will do something similar like they done last year with brand new Bayonetta game and reveal/announcement of Bayoneta 1/2, while this year we talking about Metroid Prime 4 and Metroid Prime Trilogy HD.

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She smiled.


Im pretty sure the reveal will be at the game awards. Nintendo knows what gets the western fans hyped.

Also it took me a minute to realize that you aren't Quickrick lol. I thought it was weird to see his avatar in a tread like this.

Finally! The long awaited continuation of the 2013 VGA's!

Reggie has done stuff of this sort in the past with no meaning, but to be honest, I very much expected the reveal to be there anyway.

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Would be the perfect place to unveil it

melbye said:
Would be the perfect place to unveil it

Yes, but I'm not gonna hold my breathe. I've learned to not hold my breathe for things lately, which sometimes pays off.

How is this a hint for MP4?

Cerebralbore101 said:
How is this a hint for MP4?

 Reggie is wearing Metroid shirt and Nintendo will be present at TGA with some announcement/s or trailer/s, and they announced but not showed MP4.

So yeah, this definitely can be taken like MP4 hint.

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never been much of a metroid fan, but would like to see what they did with it for switch. im somewhat interested.